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Top 10 ‘Can’t Miss’ Pubcon Sessions This 2016!


The entertainment capital of the world; Las Vegas is all set to witness the synergy of diverse digital marketing minds, from October 10 to October 13, 2016. Termed as a must attend conference by Forbes, the premier social media marketing, and optimization conference brings together a host of specialists, experts, patrons, entrepreneurs and think tanks, associated with the new media sphere. The three-day mega gathering of the movers and shakers of the digital marketing industry is the most awaited event of the year. It is the ideal new age platform where the key influencers and innovators of the digital media stream come together to brainstorm, discuss and plan new strategies and ideas impacting the world of social media marketing and optimization.

“Top 10 ‘Can’t Miss’ Pubcon Sessions This 2016!”

3 Factors of High-Performing Content – AdLift

When you start thinking about your overall digital marketing strategy, one of the key components to nail down is your content production. At this point, it’s been well established that not all forms of content are created equally. While some pieces go viral, others fail to garner any significant traction.

“3 Factors of High-Performing Content – AdLift”

Twitter Roundup: Voices in Content Marketing – AdLift

At AdLift, we know the importance of the role that content marketing plays in a brand’s overall SEO and marketing efforts. As a top digital marketing agency, we’re constantly refining our content marketing strategies. We’re always looking into new developments in the field and listening to what the top content marketing influencers have to say.

“Twitter Roundup: Voices in Content Marketing – AdLift”

Optimize Your YouTube Videos (Content and Keyword Research)

In today’s post, I wanted to share some tips on optimizing your online videos, focusing on content, titles and tags. These are some of the most important elements for your Youtube channels and individual videos. Concentrating on your content, titles and tags will ensure you are engaging with the right viewers and increase your video rankings. As the saying goes, “content is king” even when it comes to your online videos.

“Optimize Your YouTube Videos (Content and Keyword Research)”

Duplicate Content | The What and the How

Duplicate content is a common issue within the digital marketing world; in fact, so common that rarely do we see new clients without some sort of duplicate issues not being managed in an SEO friendly way. Why is Duplicate Content important? We get asked this question quite often, and the answer is that the duplicate content on your site can effect not only the pages with duplicate content, but the entire site. From a technical SEO perspective, it is often one of the most critical problems we address.

“Duplicate Content | The What and the How”

Avoiding Duplicate Content Penalty

Duplicate content is one of the most discussed, blogged, and talked about SEO topics – well, after link building, of course. Based on Google’s webmaster guidelines, “Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or is appreciably similar. Most of the time when we see this, it’s unintentional, or at least not malicious in origin.” What exactly do “substantive” and “appreciably similar” mean? In my view, two pages can be termed “duplicate” if 30 percent or more of the page elements – title, URL, content – are similar to each other. For example, in the news/blog world, articles are often syndicated across numerous websites. Two types of duplicate content exist: within a domain and cross-domain. Read the complete article at-