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Top 10 ‘Can’t Miss’ Pubcon Sessions This 2016!


The entertainment capital of the world; Las Vegas is all set to witness the synergy of diverse digital marketing minds, from October 10 to October 13, 2016. Termed as a must attend conference by Forbes, the premier social media marketing, and optimization conference brings together a host of specialists, experts, patrons, entrepreneurs and think tanks, associated with the new media sphere. The three-day mega gathering of the movers and shakers of the digital marketing industry is the most awaited event of the year. It is the ideal new age platform where the key influencers and innovators of the digital media stream come together to brainstorm, discuss and plan new strategies and ideas impacting the world of social media marketing and optimization.

“Top 10 ‘Can’t Miss’ Pubcon Sessions This 2016!”

Come See Us at Pubcon and Shop.Org – AdLift

As the month of September rolls on here in the Bay Area, our SEO agency is looking forward to two major conferences that have been circled on the calendar for months: Pubcon and’s Digital Summit. Both of these conferences bring the best of the online marketing and digital retailing industries together for great keynote presentations and inspiring roundtable discussions to transform your business efforts.

“Come See Us at Pubcon and Shop.Org – AdLift”

How to Measure SEO Success

SEO Success Metrics

SEO is one of those topics that immediately prompt anxious and distrusting looks from novices. It’s not that people and companies don’t believe in SEO, rather, they can’t decide if their efforts are making or costing them money. As a SEO agency, we know proper optimization has the potential to produce not only positive, but hefty ROIs. But for many companies trying to solve the riddle on their own, the intricate wheel of off-page and on-page factors becomes too much. They’re looking at so many areas and aren’t sure how to correlate the money they’ve spent back to a proper success metric.

“How to Measure SEO Success”

4 Trends in Digital Marketing – AdLift

A solid digital marketing strategy can do wonders for your business, drawing attention to your brand, increasing audience engagement, and ultimate leading to a higher conversion and sales rate. While we don’t have to convince you that marketing is important for your business to thrive, you might be unsure about which tactics are the most effective. If you need some guidance to get started with your digital marketing plan, we’ve put together some of the most successful trends to follow.

“4 Trends in Digital Marketing – AdLift”

5 Key On-Page Factors for SEO Beginners – AdLift

SEO for beginners on page factors

You’ve said it before: “this year I’ll get my site up to par so I can improve my search rankings and see an uptick in business.” But for some reason the plan never sticks. Either other tasks get in the way or confusion sets in when it comes time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. It’s understandable; the SEO well runs deep. There are literally 200 different ranking factors that Google incorporates into its algorithm. But if you try to do too much too soon, you’ll never get anywhere.

“5 Key On-Page Factors for SEO Beginners – AdLift”

The 5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

As far as content management platforms go, WordPress excels in allowing users to implement their SEO tactics in a relatively straightforward manner. However, the factors that influence a site’s ranking are endless. From on-page optimization to back linking and proper image tagging, there’s a ton that goes into the overall SEO process. This makes turning to specialized plugins for particular purposes extremely important. In SEO, every little tweak counts toward the overall likelihood of being found in organic search listings.

“The 5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress”

Content Marketing and Its Influence On SEO

In a recent conversation with Search Engine Daily, AdLift co-founder and CEO, Prashant Puri discussed content marketing and its influence on SEO and SERP rankings. Check out what he had to say below:

Content Marketing with Content Lift

“Content Marketing and Its Influence On SEO”

Twitter Roundup: Voices in SEO – AdLift

Looking to brush up on your understanding of SEO? Be careful, the Internet’s a noisy place. With so many people spewing their opinions everywhere, it can be hard to drown out the sludge. As an SEO agency, we’re fully aware of the disparity in SEO advice out there, which is why we’ve put together a short list of some of the most credible voices in the SEO industry. Separate the pretenders from the gurus by following this knowledge-packed list of personal SEO accounts.

“Twitter Roundup: Voices in SEO – AdLift”

AdLIft Goes to IRCE


For a few days each June, the emerging and major players across the eCommerce market converge upon McCormick Plaza in downtown Chicago for a few days to attend workshops, share expertise and listen to numerous industry thought leaders give engaging presentations on a wide scope of topics. IRCE 2015 was no different.

“AdLIft Goes to IRCE”

[INFOGRAPHIC] Google Organic (SEO) Click Through Rate (CTR) Study – 2014

Here’s our latest study on Organic (SEO) Click Through Rates on Google !

“[INFOGRAPHIC] Google Organic (SEO) Click Through Rate (CTR) Study – 2014”