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Let’s catch up at Pubcon Las Vegas 2016: Prashant Puri, AdLift




I’ll be speaking on “Content, Search and Social Interplay” session at Pubcon Las Vegas – Content Marketing Day on Wednesday, October 12.

The session starts at 2.45PM, and I will be joined by Maggie Malek, Head of PR and Social, MMI Agency and Casie Gillette, Director of Online Marketing, Ko Marketing.

Content, Search and Social Interplay

Here is the low down on what we will be talking about –

How Search, Content and Social Marketing teams can work together to develop comprehensive strategies and communication plans, to target the right consumer base at the right time.

“Let’s catch up at Pubcon Las Vegas 2016: Prashant Puri, AdLift”

Come See Us at Pubcon and Shop.Org – AdLift

As the month of September rolls on here in the Bay Area, our SEO agency is looking forward to two major conferences that have been circled on the calendar for months: Pubcon and Shop.org’s Digital Summit. Both of these conferences bring the best of the online marketing and digital retailing industries together for great keynote presentations and inspiring roundtable discussions to transform your business efforts.

“Come See Us at Pubcon and Shop.Org – AdLift”