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10 Key Performance Indicators for SEO

KPI chartWhen thinking about marketing and optimizing your business online, it can sometimes be a difficult task deciding which metrics you should be monitoring and how often you should be reviewing them. Certain campaigns like PPC can be simple to assess, while other organic efforts may be a little more challenging. Tracking SEO efforts is crucial, and we need to be doing it to assess our success and to determine what our next steps should be. Below are ten key performance indicators that we think are the most important and worth tracking.

Keyword Ranking

Why: Keyword research is most likely the basis for any SEO strategy and tracking ranking can be one of the best ways to determine if your keyword optimization efforts are paying off.
How: Carefully decide on keywords that you would like to rank for. While putting together your SEO strategy, create a simple benchmark report of where you are currently ranking, and begin tracking this weekly. If your efforts are successful, you should see positive movement.

“10 Key Performance Indicators for SEO”