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5 Key On-Page Factors for SEO Beginners – AdLift

SEO for beginners on page factors

You’ve said it before: “this year I’ll get my site up to par so I can improve my search rankings and see an uptick in business.” But for some reason the plan never sticks. Either other tasks get in the way or confusion sets in when it comes time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. It’s understandable; the SEO well runs deep. There are literally 200 different ranking factors that Google incorporates into its algorithm. But if you try to do too much too soon, you’ll never get anywhere.

“5 Key On-Page Factors for SEO Beginners – AdLift”

Creating the Best URL structure for Website Navigation

The first step after nailing down the concept of your website is to finalize the URL structure. The URL, which stands for Uniform Resource Locator, is the address of a web page in the same way a home address is the home of a person. If a person frequently changes their address, it can be difficult to contact that person and usually requires frequent address updates.

“Creating the Best URL structure for Website Navigation”