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Laying the Groundwork: The Keys to Keyword Research

keyword-research-500x500 (1)Keyword research may not be the most exciting or sexiest part of an SEO strategy, but you also can’t build an effective SEO strategy without it. Detailed and in-depth keyword research is the foundation upon which the rest of your plan is built and while it may seem simple (and it is) there are still best practices you should follow to ensure you are making the most out of all those hours spent thinking up different ways people might ask about “getting more blog traffic”, or something like that.

Be As Comprehensive As Possible

We know, chasing down every keyword and phrase that is relevant to your product, service, and brand is going to be exhausting and tedious. But remember that the rest of your SEO strategy – interlinking, link-building, content creation, and meta title and description optimization – will rely on accurate and highly-targeted keyword research for its success. Google’s suggestions will gift you some of the easy variations on the words or phrases, but don’t solely rely on Google’s suggestions. Use other suggestion tools, ask others for help, and add “s” to the end of every singular noun in the phrase. It sounds dumb but any experienced keyword researcher will tell you of times they unearthed a few gems almost by accident and it is because they understood that there really is no limit to the depths of your keyword research.

“Laying the Groundwork: The Keys to Keyword Research”