4 Tips to Write Kick-Ass Content


You open the word doc thinking you have a lot of ideas to pen down and then the moment you start typing, your mind goes numb! Oops! That’s painful, isn’t it? Sadly though, this is what happens 80% of the times with the great content generators of the modern era. We are creative beings who can weave an entire universe inside our intricate brains and when it comes to delineating them, words fall short!

I have nothing

There must be some way out, like they have in Harry Potter movies, a secret way to sneak out of dangerous circumstances?


Take a deep breathe and ponder over these tips I had put together one fine morning when my creative juices where dancing psychotically, I swear!

Cat Dance

1. Be Original:

As clichéd as it sounds, it is without doubt the most important tip anyone can bestow you with for writing content. Anything that’s fresh and original captures the readers’ senses in the most unexpected ways. The best part about being original is exploring whether there are more people like you who can relate to what you have in your mind. You never know which part of your creation hits the readers’ emotions and she becomes a fan!

This tip comes from my conviction that every person in this world has something unique to contribute. Our writing styles are like our finger prints, unique. Ever wondered how come there’s so much content around similar disciplines on the internet still plagiarism is almost non-existent? Think!

2. Get Personal

You don’t want your content to be written for a crowd, do you? Make your content interesting and appealing to each person individually in the crowd. Well, I understand you cannot customize your content for each person out there.

So, what’s the trick?


The trick is to acknowledge issues that are universal and then give a personalized solution to the issue in first person. Also, there’s another trick I strongly believe in. Argument and Contradict. This is a trick my professors used to shout their lungs out for in my literature classes way back and it penetrated so deep within me that it has become one of my chief characteristics. Shh… this is secret!

I am Batman

Here’s how you do it- State a fact. Create an argument out of it in your story. Make the argument intense. Give a solution. Then, contradict your solution. Give more solutions untying the threads you tangled. Voila. Your write-up is now a stellar example of a gripping story. However, remember, while doing this, you need to make sure you create a story smooth enough for the readers to understand. Do not leave a single knot untied.


3. Experiment with Sentence Structure

I am Disha. I work in AdLift. I live in Delhi. I love reading. I like Hugh Jackman. Eee, that sounds so fugly! Absolutely weird, too! Guess why. Because every sentence has the same structure. Experiment with your sentence structure. Try adding interesting elements in your sentences just to make tem different from the previous ones. You do not have to write your stories in a set sentence structure to make it sound simple and understandable. Creativity is what you need to make your stories sound appealing and understandable at the same time. However, I suggest you to be cautious of not overdoing your efforts to make every sentence structure different from the rest. You will simply end up investing more time and making less sense.

What did I just read?

4. Content is not just about words:

When somebody tells you to write content, what do you imagine? A 500-800 words article with a lot of information in it? Re-picture this: A piece of content that tells a story with which you can relate and gives you a lot of visuals to help you understand the story better while getting entertained.

Sounds better, doesn’t it?

Content is not just about words, it’s about visuals, images, videos, gifs, infographics, charts, graphs and whatever you can imagine putting in it. Keep it interactive. Every element must add to the beauty of your narrative.
I guess, I do not need to tell you why you should do this because it is absolutely obvious that visuals create a pressing impact. Visual vs. text

There are many more tips you can find on the internet like giving a call-to-action, using keywords etc. They are important too. However, I suppose that is something you would obviously do. My intention here was to promote a more creative output. Every article you produce should be a creative piece of art. Know why? Because when you work, you exhaust, but when you create art, you grow and feel satisfied and accomplished.



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