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Social media: 2000 vs 2017

Social Media

With the advent of smartphones, social media has become as important as a refreshing cup of coffee, early in the morning. Social Media, without question, has become a significant part of our daily lives, and we don’t even realise how attached we are to it. Our lives are becoming increasingly public as we share most of the events on various social networking websites.

“Social media: 2000 vs 2017”

Improve your social media presence with Instant Articles

Here’s something new for the content marketers and publishers to explore! Instant Articles, an interactive content uploading feature by Facebook, is targeting the audience that counts more on instant news feeds and updates available online. This HTML5 document comes with a package of faster mobile performance and customized visual display. Doing justice to the name, the Instant Articles feature by Facebook is getting instant recognition from publishers that rely heavily on content for their sustainability and growth.

“Improve your social media presence with Instant Articles”