Content is king

1. The Walking Dead

The sixth season of The Walking Dead premiered on the October 11, 2015 coming to an end on the April 3, 2016. This favoured American horror-drama television series on AMC is more prominent on social media than one can think of.

TWD has a notable 34 Million Facebook Fans and 4.43 Million followers on Twitterverse. Analytics conducted by Quintly during the period showed that TWD sent a 1024 tweets during a span of 30 days which is far above average that the rest of the shows on air at that time.

TWD emerged victorious in the ongoing hashtag wars as well with a well thought out strategy of using more than one brand- relating hashtag, to bundle discussion. #InCarolWeTrust was a great example of content related hashtags topic related.

The following info-graphic below was a study conducted keeping Homeland in comparison to level out the difference.

The Walking dead VS. Homeland

2. Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black

OITNB has brilliant lessons on how to use SMM effectively. The show captures the usage of hashtags with a purpose, power and meaning. It has adapted the usage of visual hashtags, like their official brand hashtag of #OITNB on various social platforms and highlighting it through the profile pictures for the visibility. The supercool strategy of curating your story through visuals across all social platforms is one that is a great PR and branding idea!

That’s not all the awesomeness that OITNB is up to. So empowering the cast, itself to behave like a reporting machine has its own perks!

Orange Is The New Black in SociaL Media

(Apparently goodies made by fans, shared by the cast opens up an entire new social media channel of engagement!)

Social Talk shows have ignited audience excitement and putting the show in spotlight.

Orange Is The New Black in Twitter

Unique Hashtags concentrating on user generated content for engagements on social channels. Take the particular contest in notice. (“Let’s show the world that Orange fans are best! Wear Orange tomorrow and upload a photo with #OnWednesdaysWeWearOrange!”)


3. Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars continued success as one of ABC family’s top-rated series owes a major part of it to social media for the much hyped drama and promotion.

Various campaigns during the seasons have kept fans and viewers on the lookout for A; I mean the show! Via Twitter the show launched notable campaigns, like “Suspect Tracker” in season 3, “Countdown Calendar”, etc.

Pretty Little Liars - Suspect Tracker

This allowed users to anticipate which character in the show was “guilty of ultimate betrayal”. Fans could vote using a dedicated hashtag such as #LucasIsGuilty or #PaigeIsGuilty. 48 hours into launching, a record of 136,000 fans has already visited the “Suspect Tracker” and 15% and more had very actively taken part in it.

Pretty Little Liars- Unlock a confession video

The show launched a hunt on Twitter, using one of the shows characters official fictional twitter account to use the clues she gave to unlock a confession video, resulting in a gain of more than 54000 followers over a period of 4 days! Mid-season premier “Pretty Little Liars” was accounted for a total of 52% of twitter’s overall activity; according to BlueFin Labs.

With every minute nail biting show and amazingly socially engaged fans, PPL remains one of the all-time favorites among-st audiences.

4. House Of Cards

House Of Cards

#FU2016. Enough Said. For those who are wondering what all the fuss about this hashtag is; 1. Frank Underwood. 2. Frank Underwood. 3. Frank Underwood.

The genius of this entire campaign is that the timing of this is such that the US Presidential elections is scheduled for 8th November 2016, with candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton as both party’s frontrunners. #FU2016 fits perfectly at this time and current scenario. The hashtag is so powerful that it’s the initials of Frank Underwood but also a subtle fight back at putting end to those who pose a threat to his power play. The branding of Frank Underwood itself is a major power setter. So clever is the promotion that when you enter into Facebook, you immediately support Frank Underwood.

Frank Underwood

5. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

When Game of Thrones hits the world, it’s massive. It’s been that ways so far. The presence of this show has been the major talk of the social media world. Best leverage of social media platforms has been witnessed throughout the sessions. From Facebook Quiz to Gain Interaction, to utilization of the cast members for brand advocacy, GOT never fails to engage its loyal audiences through all platforms.

GOT Season6 Quiz in facebook

GOT _Promotion Strategy

There are amazing shows out there that are utilizing social media to the maximum potential, which new comers are taking in notice and making a point to not exclude it as a part of their branding and promotion strategy. Keep a watch!

Happy Viewing :)