Here’s How You Can Make Domain Rating Work for You!

Published Date: July 21, 2022
Here’s How You Can Make Domain Rating Work for You!

Have you recently launched your website and burned the midnight oil to organically increase its reach among audiences? We understand how hard it is to compete with millions of established brands to build a space for your own. But it’s not as hard as it seems if you have the right tools and strategy. For instance, take backlinking. Backlinks are created by posting off-page content on other websites to increase traffic. You must check the domain rating to determine which websites are worth posting. Domain rating is a metric from Ahrefs that indicates a domain’s backlink authority and strength. Having a strong domain rating will boost your SEO and increase traffic. So, let understand what a domain rating is, how to calculate it, and various tools you can use to check it.

Key takeaways

  1. Domain rating is critical to determine whether a website can help increase organic traffic once you backlink it.
  2. You can increase your domain rating by following some simple steps.
  3. A website with a low domain rating also indicates that it has low domain authority compared to other websites with higher domain ratings.
  4. Domain rating is developed by Ahrefs, indicating the backlink profile of a website and then rating it on a scale of 1 to 100.
  5. Domain rating and domain authority are different from each other.

An Insight into Domain Rating 

Created by Ahrefs, Domain Rating is a measure that provides scores to the domain based on its backlinking profile. The rating is given on a scale of 1 to 100. However, you need to know that the rating will not increase on the number of backlinks your domain has but on the quality of these links.

Suppose your website has a smaller number of links than this XYZ website, but your link quality is much higher and more credible; then your domain rating will be higher. A higher domain rating score means that your website has higher domain authority.

How is your Domain Rating Calculated?

The metric developed by Ahrefs is calculated on the basis of several aspects. Some of these factors are the relevancy of links, quality of content you are posting, SEO performance, and root domain.  The root domain is the highest hierarchy of your website. Suppose your website is www.domain.com; your root domain will be the domain. Here’s how Ahrefs calculates the domain rating-

If your domain’s rating is high, the link juice will be transferred to the other linked domains. Link juice is how much strength the backlink will pass to the other domain to increase its strength which contributes directly to domain rating and authority. The main domain rating will then be split equally between the domains it will link to. Once all these calculations are repeated, you will get the rating for every domain. The final domain rating will be given on a scale of 1 to 100.

Is domain rating critical in growing search traffic?

While creating a strategy, you need to understand that Google algorithms rank pages and not websites. The domain rating, as the name suggests, is given to websites and depending solely upon increasing the rating will only help a little. Instead, your key focus should be on producing SEO-rich, high-quality content that can engage the audience and acquiring backlinks that will take the audience directly to those content.

A good domain rating will also help establish a website’s domain authority. This will also help you understand where you stand compared to your competitors. Though a high domain rating also indicates that your website is trustworthy, which is an additional point. If you are still wondering how to increase your domain rating, here are some tips that can help you-

  1. Check for broken links and then either remove them or fix them.
  2. Check the loading speed of your website. The low loading speed will also lower the domain rating.
  3. Get link juice from various other high-rating and authoritative websites.
  4. Make your website easily navigable. If not, optimize your website’s user interface to attract more audience so they can spend more time on your website.
  5. Keep posting high-quality SEO-rich content regularly. Ensure that your content is relevant and that your audience can also connect with it.

If your domain rating drops, it will indicate that your website is not as competitive as other websites, which will also impact your rankings.

Excellent tools to calculate domain rating

There are domain rating checkers that you can use to calculate your domain rating easily. Some of the most reliable ones are-

  1. Ahrefs- Ahrefs domain rating metric will show the strength of the website’s backlink profile. The higher the score, the better it will be. Upon entering the domain on Ahrefs, you will get all the important info on your screens, such as backlinks and all. Apart from this, you can also find URL ratings and which sites are linking with your site and their domain authority.
  2. MozBar- Here, you can easily find the domain authority. You can also find page scores and see how the scores are related to each other and help the page climb in terms of rankings. After gathering the data from here, you can also research content your audience prefers.
  3. Majestic- Majestic tells you about all the backlinks linking to your site. There are two different options offered at Majestic- fresh and historic. In the historic option, you can check out the data of the last five years, whereas, in the fresh, you can check data on multiple backlinks throughout the day.

Apart from these three, you can also check out SEMrush to know your website or any other website’s score.


The main agenda of domain rating is to determine the relative link popularity. The traffic on the website and the domain rating are correlated. The link’s popularity will help determine the page’s ability to garner traffic on search engines. At AdLift, we check domain ratings before backlinking to determine whether your website will benefit from it or not. You can rely on AdLift to increase your domain rating and domain authority and provide quality content. Connect with us today!

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