How to Delete Facebook Page: Step by Step Guide

Published Date: April 11, 2024
How to Delete Facebook Page: Step by Step Guide

Are you done and dusted with social media? Feel the need to disconnect? Find yourself spending too much time on Facebook? Or you’ve just outgrown it, and Facebook isn’t your cup of tea anymore. You must have a valid reason for looking up ‘how to delete a Facebook page’ or ‘how to remove a Facebook page’ from your phone or desktop. 

It’s a pretty straightforward process. Take back control of your online presence! This blog offers a hassle-free guide to deleting your Facebook account, making your Facebook exit swift and painless ( we hope)

What to do before you delete your Facebook page:

Whether you’ve been postponing this decision for a while and have finally decided to take the plunge, or you’ve just had enough of the platform, you need to keep the following points in mind before you look up ‘how to delete a Facebook page!’:

  • Back-Up Your Data: If you want to keep any photos, videos, or messages, you can download your Facebook data before deletion. Facebook offers a tool to export your information, which you can access later.
  • Consider Deactivation: Are you unsure about completely deleting your Facebook page? You can always choose to deactivate it instead. This hides your page from others, but you can reactivate it anytime if you change your mind.
  • Inform Your Followers (Optional): If your page has a substantial following, let them know you’re deleting it. You can do this by posting a farewell message or directing them to another platform where they can stay connected.

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Ready to Delete a Facebook Page?

Here’s How to remove a Facebook page from a Desktop:

Step 1: Access Your Page Settings
Open Facebook on your computer and sign in with your account credentials.
In Facebook, click the dropdown menu in the top right corner and select “Pages” to manage your administered pages.
Choose the page you want to delete from the list.
Once on your page, navigate to the top right corner and click the three horizontal dots.
From the dropdown menu, select “Settings.” (See screenshot)

Step 2: Navigate to Deactivation and Deletion
On the left-hand side menu within Settings, click on “General.”
Scroll down until you find the “Remove Page” section. (See screenshot)
Click “Edit” next to “Remove Page.”

Step 3: Choose “Delete Page”
A pop-up will appear displaying two options: Deactivate Page and Delete Page.
Deactivate Page: This will hide your page from others but allow you to reactivate it later.
Delete Page: This permanent option will remove your page from Facebook altogether.

Step 4: Confirm Deletion (Optional)
Depending on your account settings, you should confirm your deletion by entering your Facebook password. Click “Delete” to finalize the process.

How to Delete a Facebook Page on Mobile App:

Step 1: Switch to Your Page Profile
To get started, open the Facebook app on your phone or tablet.
Select the menu button (three horizontal lines) in the bottom right corner (Android) or top right corner (iPhone).
Select “Pages” from the menu.
Choose the page you want to delete.

Step 2: Access Settings & Privacy
Once on your page, tap the three horizontal dots again in the bottom right corner.
From the dropdown menu, select “Settings & Privacy.” (See screenshot)

Step 3: Follow Steps 3 & 4 from Desktop Instructions
The remaining steps to delete your page on the mobile app are identical to the desktop version. Navigate to “Settings”> “General”> “Remove Page” and follow the prompts to choose “Delete Page” and confirm deletion (if necessary).

Congratulations! You’ve Successfully Deleted (or Removed) Your Facebook Page!

Once you confirm deletion, your Facebook page will be permanently removed. This process can take up to 30 days to complete. During this time, your page will not be visible to others. After 30 days, all content associated with your page, including photos, videos, and posts, will be permanently deleted.

Additional Tips and Resources:

Downloading Your Facebook Data: Before saying goodbye, consider downloading your Facebook data for safekeeping. To do this, go to your Facebook settings, click “Your Facebook Information,” and then “Download Your Information.”

Deactivating vs. Deleting: If you’re unsure about permanent deletion, consider deactivating your page instead. This allows you to take a break from Facebook but keeps the option to return in the future. Here’s a quick comparison to help you decide:


Deactivation Deletion
Visibility to Others Hidden from others Permanently removed
Reactivation Possible at any time Not possible
Data Retention Some data may be retained

All data associated with the page is deleted

Further Support: If you encounter any issues deleting your page, you can visit Facebook’s Help Center for additional resources and troubleshooting steps.

Saying Goodbye to Facebook Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Say bye to your Facebook page quickly and easily by following these simple steps. But before you hit delete, remember: you have options! Deactivating hides your page while letting you reactivate it later while deleting permanently removes it. Choose the path that feels most comfortable for you.

The digital world is full of alternatives, so explore other social interaction or content creation platforms if that’s what you desire. There are communities and spaces online to cater to almost any interest, so don’t hesitate to venture out and discover new corners of the internet. Or, if you want a digital detox, stay away from all screens and platforms!

We hope this guide has empowered you to take control of your online presence. You are Facebook-free at last! Time to see what adventures await you beyond the social media wall (or you can always come back if you miss it).


Technically, no. Both terms refer to permanently removing your Facebook page from the platform. Facebook itself uses the term “delete” in its official instructions. So if you search for ‘how to delete a Facebook page’ or ‘how to remove a Facebook page’, they will mean the same thing

Unfortunately, no. Once you confirm the deletion of a Facebook page, it’s a permanent action. Recovering your page or its associated content after 30 days is impossible.

While your page and its content will be permanently deleted, Facebook may retain some of your data for internal purposes. This could include login information, IP addresses, or data related to your interactions with other Facebook users or pages. Reviewing Facebook’s data policy for specifics is always a good idea.

Absolutely! If you’re hesitant about permanent deletion, you can deactivate your Facebook page instead. Deactivation hides your page from others but allows you to reactivate it anytime if you change your mind. This gives you more flexibility and control over your online presence.

If you have finally decided to delete your Facebook page, simply follow the guidelines mentioned in the blog above. You will get information on how to delete a Facebook page from a mobile device and how to remove a Facebook page from your desktop.

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