Importance of Keywords in Promoting a Website

Published Date: September 20, 2018
Importance of Keywords in Promoting a Website

This is the world of the internet. Be it business, education, shopping or even travelling; you can explore various options through multiple clicks on your desktop. Everything is now fast and connected through the internet. You can also begin your own website and start a prosperous business online.

However, in case you already have a website to advertise or promote your products to a huge number of customers, it is important for you to learn how to market it effectively.

One of the first things you will need to understand when planning to promote your website online is keywords. It is the phrase or the question that people use to search for something on the internet. So, if your website has the most popular keywords, the chances of its visibility on the internet increases. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. When it comes to implementing keywords into the content of your website, you need to do full-fledged research of keywords. The research can be based on two criteria:

  • Level of Competition
  • The number of times it is searched online

To make your task easy, you can use any of the below- stated keyword research tools available on the internet.

Google AdWords: Keyword Planner – This is one of the best and free tools to start the keywords research for your website provided by Google. It is totally designed for paid advertising services, However, we can use Google keywords planer for organic keywords research.

Keywords Planer-Adwords

After logging in with your Gmail account, simply enter the keywords or word phrase in to the search box. you should pay attention on keywords idea, monthly searches and competition. These factors can help you in determining relevant keywords used for promoting the website.

Keywords Everywhere Keywords Everywhere is free SEO keywords analysis addon, you can easily install on chrome or Firefox browser.

Keywords Everywhere Addon

Once you have installed the addon successfully, keywords anywhere icon shows up at the top right corner of your browser. One more step to start analysis you should have API Key shared by keywords anywhere on your Gmail account.

The first step is simply put all the keywords or suggestions in import keywords section search box then you can build a massive list of relevant keywords with matrix as search volume, CPC, competition as well as global keywords matrix to get right direction start promoting your website.

Keywords Tool Keyword Tool is a free and paid version SEO tool and exactly the same and a good alternative to Google keywords planer or other keywords research tools provided long tail keywords suggestion on different search term. Keywords tool based on Google autocomplete a feature used in Google search to increase user search performance.

SEO Keywords Tool

Just putting the keywords or search term you have collected from different sources relevant to your website or want to promote your website on these types of keywords and pull out all keywords suggestion. Currently this keywords tool is available both free and paid so you can generate up to 750+ keywords with long tall keywords suggestion using free version.

SEMrush With the SEMrush keywords research tool, you can find the perfect keywords list which is suggested, by entering any search term or words in to the SEMrush search bar. Also, the complete keywords list containing the keywords search volume, CPC, keywords density, top ranking page and much more is available.

Keywords Analysis Tool

SEMrush Keywords tool

To promote your website, you need to identify right keywords that will bring more traffic and conversion.

Once you have done the research, you will need to find the ones most suitable for your website. Targeting the right keywords is very important to help people find your website easily. The whole process of keyword research and implementation seems easy; however, it is quite difficult to achieve the best results without the help of experts.

As the competition is high in the market, most of the website owners hire experienced SEO services companies to help them achieve high rankings on the search engines. Such companies not only offer best SEO services but also help your website in garnering more visitors. They optimize your content available on your website adhering to the keywords that have the best rankings on search engines. By doing this, they make sure that if one searches about the products that you offer your name appears at the top.

So, if you wish to ace ahead in the world of internet, the time has come that you should understand the importance of keywords and get the help of experts soon.

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