Advanced SEO Techniques 2018 to Get Better Search Traffic

Published Date: September 21, 2018
Advanced SEO Techniques 2018 to Get Better Search Traffic

Understanding and implementing good SEO Techniques is vital to increase search traffic and brand awareness. According to HubSpot research, 80% of the website’s traffic begins with a search query. This is precisely why SEO is so important.

Once your website starts to rank on the first pages of Google’s search results, you will get more prominence. It means more traffic, more conversions, and ultimately, increased revenue.

Getting to page one of the SERP is crucial for any business. According to data, 75% of users do not even visit the second page of SERP and look for solutions on the first page itself. In fact,

the first three organic search results on the SERP get 60% of all traffic from a web search.

Below are the SEO Techniques 2018 to get better search traffic:

Complete an SEO Audit of Your Website

Auditing your website helps you to discover the reason(s) why you are not getting enough search traffic and conversions. Many SEO companies offer this service.

What should you be looking at the time of analyzing the website

  • Is each page on your website optimized for SEO keywords?
  • Do all the pages on the website have SEO meta titles and descriptions?
  • Is your URL structure optimized for search engines?
  • Are heading tags correctly inserted? Are keywords used in heading tags or not?
  • Is each page and post appropriately formatted?
  • Do all the images have a relevant keyword in their ALT tags?
  • Are you using links in your content?
  • Is content optimized or not?
  • Check the robots.txt file
  • Check the XML Sitemap if it has all the URLs

Learn What Your Users Want

There are many ways to know what users want, including:

  • Using social media platforms like Quora, Facebook Group, LinkedIn and more
  • Seeing the most popular landing pages through Google Analytics
  • Gauging the posts that get the most shares
  • Listening to the comments posted by visitors on your blog posts
  • Do competitor analysis

Create SEO Optimized Landing Pages

A well-designed landing page will improve your lead generation and sales. The more landing pages you produce, the more gateways you open for incoming search traffic.

According to the SEO research firm, 44% of clicks for B2B companies go to a homepage, not to a landing page. Sure, the homepage is essential; however, a landing page is where you can initiate a healthy relationship.

The critical elements that define a good landing page, include:

  • A call to action (for users to sign up for your service, product, download, or another type of action)
  • Useful and informative content
  • No navigation (Users should stay on the page to get most information!)

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-friendly

It is necessary that the website looks good and performs equally well on mobile devices.

In May 2016, Google introduced an update (Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm) to their search algorithm that boosts organic search result rankings significantly to websites that are more mobile friendly, or in other words, responsive.

Here is an example

Mobile Friendly Site

Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Website

  • The mobile-friendly design makes a website more accessible
  • It improves the user experience
  • mobile responsive website architecture is profitable
  • A mobile-friendly website increases sales
  • An improved mobile site affects Google ranking

Read more about SEO Mobile Friendly site – https://www.adlift.com/in/blog/make-sure-website-mobile-friendly/

Grow Your Traffic With Infographics

Infographics are popular because they permit you to display compound data in an easy to an understanding way. Since 65% of people are visual learners, an infographic goes a lot further than just a text article.

Grow Your Traffic With Infographics

Read Article to get more info about Infographics – Grow Your Website Traffic with Infographics

Schema Implementation

Schema markup is a code that you place on your website to leverage the search engines by displaying more useful results to the users.

what is schema? Schema Implementation

Here’s a set of commonly used item types

  • Creative works: Books, Movies, Music Recordings, Recipes, TV Series
  • Event
  • Organization
  • Person
  • Place, Local Business, Restaurant
  • Aggregate Offer, Product, Offer
  • Aggregate Rating, Review

Get the more info about Schema and their types: What Is Schema and Why is it Important In SEO?

Post valuable content on social media

It will be difficult to rank well on Google search results for a new website. We cannot rank on top 10 results on a search engine for high search volume keywords because of two reasons –low page authority and domain authority of the website.

However, you can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more to gain web traffic and brand awareness.

Few tips about posting content on social media:

  • Select photos that are most relevant to your theme
  • Use high-resolution pictures
  • Use free stock photos that have no copyright restrictions

These advanced SEO strategies 2018 are incredibly effective. Using these techniques will increase your web traffic and visibility.

Have you tried any of those advanced SEO techniques before? What results did you get? Comment below and let us know!

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