Checking Website Traffic: Tools and Methods for Analysis

Published Date: April 12, 2024
Checking Website Traffic: Tools and Methods for Analysis

So you have created a stunning website – the images, the content, the optimization, the security – everything is on point. But how do you know if all this is working well? How do you know if people visit your site and purchase your products? 

This is where website traffic statistics come into the picture. The data you get when you track website traffic gives you an insight into: 

  • Who is visiting your website?
  • How many people are visiting your website?
  • How long are they staying?
  • What exactly are they doing on the site?
  • Why they might be leaving the site early?

When you have all this data, you can find what’s lacking in your strategy and improve it. Sounds good, right? But the main question here is – how to check website traffic?

Let’s understand how to check website traffic and share some of the best tools for the task. 

How To Check Website Traffic: Top 5 Tools To Use

Whether you have an in-house team or an agency to manage your website, both of them need excellent tools to track website traffic. 

Below are the top 5 tools available in the market for the same: 

Google Analytics
Let’s start with the king of free website traffic tools. Google Analytics website traffic tool gives you a full picture of visitor data along with key insight into their demographics and age.

Why it’s good:
-It’s free and best for beginners who want to learn how to measure website traffic.
-It is compatible with multiple apps and tools like Google Ads, Google Webmaster Tools, AdSense, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Zendesk, Facebook, Marketo, WordPress, Hotjar, SEMrush, Salesforce, Hootsuite and more.
-It is easy to set up. 

Similar Web
One of the most popular tools to track website traffic, Similar Web comes with multiple KPIs. It is a paid tool with a starting price of $125/month. There’s also a 7-day free trial to help you learn how to check website traffic and then decide whether you want to invest or not.  

Why it’s good:
-It has a user-friendly dashboard suitable for beginners and experts alike.
-The platform is designed for easy customization.
-You can also get a competition analysis of other websites.
-It also offers funnel insights to improve your conversion rates

SEMrush is an all-in-one traffic analysis tool that can offer detailed reports for any website. You can also use this tool for keyword research to boost SEO. The tool not only measures website traffic but also shares data on the volume of monthly traffic over time, traffic distribution by country, the keywords that bring them the most traffic, and more.

It’s a paid tool with plans starting from $119.95. You can also use it for free to learn how to check website traffic, but major features are capped. 

Why it’s good:
-It has a Bulk Traffic Analysis that lets you analyze traffic levels for multiple competitors at once.
-It can also help in link building, content marketing, and social media management.
-You can filter website traffic reports by region so you can detect priority markets across the globe.

Trusted by brands like Netflix and Facebook, Ahrefs is another popular tool to understand website traffic. The tool is said to crawl more than 6 billion web pages every day. It also has more than 200 million websites in its index. Its website traffic report gives you detailed insight that is easy to filter.

It is also a paid tool with plans starting from $99 per month. 

Why it’s good:
-It has a user-friendly interface for checking website traffic so even beginners who have no idea can use it easily.
-It also has an SEO audit tool to help you make technical tweaks for better ranking.
-It’s known for its features like domain comparison, domain analysis, and rank tracker. 

Hotjar is a bit different tool in this list. This behavioral analytics tool offers insights into website traffic by sharing details about heat maps and session recordings. In simple words, this tool will not just help you to check website traffic but also share how visitors are interacting with your website action by action.

The basic plan starts at $80/month, and there’s also a 15-day free trial. 

Why it’s good:
-You can track visitors’ clicks, movements, and scrolls accurately.
-You can watch session replays to see actions step-by-step.
-It also helps in monitoring the percentage of visitors taking specific actions.
-You can utilize data segmentation for a deep understanding of key performance indicators.

Measure, Analyze, Grow: Take Control of Your Website Traffic

Measuring website traffic is a non-negotiable for running a successful website. So, make sure you learn how to measure web traffic with these tools and improve the site based on the data. 

Here at AdLift, we also use advanced tools for analyzing how we can help our clients get more traffic and conversions. Some of our clients have witnessed a whopping 47% traffic improvement, along with higher rankings. If you wish to grow your site, feel free to connect with us. 


Some key metrics that website traffic tools calculate include total visits, unique visitors, page views, bounce rate, average session duration, traffic sources, and conversion rates.

To measure site traffic for free, you can use advanced tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or built-in analytics provided by your website hosting platform. These tools offer insights into visitor numbers, page views, traffic sources, and more without requiring payment.

There are plenty of benefits to measuring website traffic. It helps in understanding audience behavior, assessing marketing effectiveness, and identifying growth opportunities. Plus, you can also optimize user experience, make informed decisions, and monitor competition.

Yes, you can use multiple tools to track website traffic. This can provide a more comprehensive understanding of your site’s performance and audience behavior.

Consider various factors such as the level of detail you need, ease of use, cost, and specific features each tool offers. You may also want to try a few options to see which one is easy to use. For this, opt for the free trial offered by the tools.

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