Content is king


“If writers wrote as carelessly as some people talk, then adhasdh asdglaseuyt[bn[ pasdlgkhasdfasdf.” - Lemony Snicket

Some of the key players in the world today like YouTube, Google, Facebook, to name a few did not exist around 15 years ago. And, the one thing that binds all these bigwigs together is their product portfolio. Based entirely on content, these corporations are making incredible use of the ‘Digital Age’ to monetize their business.

Content writing

A couple of decades ago, if people wanted to gather information or research on any subject, libraries were the only reliable source. However, today, with the evolution of the internet, information is just a tap or click away. New age devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops have made it easy to access any bit of information in a matter of seconds.

Copy Paste or Creativity?

The consumption of information online and the growth of the internet has made ‘content’ the king. However, the people behind the crowning of content as the king are “Content Writers.” They are the stonemasons of any online presence. Their words form the very foundation of all content published online, whether those words become a video, slideshow, blog post, podcast, or a simple description of a product.

Interestingly, the flair of playing effectively with words is often dubbed as a “copy-paste” job, and content writing still hasn’t got its due from the industry outsiders. The bigger dilemma is that everyone thinks anyone with a good command over a language can easily become a content writer. However, to be honest, that’s not the case. Like any other skill, content writing is learned, honed and developed over time. Words, when used in the right manner, have the power to influence behaviour, drive people to take necessary action and most importantly help form opinions.


The three crucial ways in which content writers deliver value

Words That Market the Brand


Content is a key component that drives branding in this digital age. Words can make or break the image of any brand; the challenge is to weave words together in a manner that they strike the right chord in the minds of the audience while maintaining the identity of the brand.

Writer’s Feat

While creating content, writers need to keep in mind the requirements of both the brand and the audience. When writers create valuable content and publish it for the world, they set the stage for the brand. This content in future becomes the voice of the brand which then spreads the brand’s message to the customers. They write with a motive of bridging the gap between the brand and their audience by reinforcing the brand’s value positively in an environment that that feels familiar, natural and trustworthy. The goal is to get people to do something – to sign up, make a purchase, or something that adds value to the brand.


Words That Get the Voice Right and Set the Brand Apart


One of the biggest challenges faced by content writers is producing content that speaks in the voice of the brand. It’s the voice of the content that sets each brand apart and lending that unique voice, is the prime challenge.

Writer’s Feat

Getting the voice right is important to attract potential consumers. For content writers, being in the research mode is a second nature, and every little nuance is essential to project the brand rightfully. The content pieces should align with the line of communication set by the brand and speak in a tone that maintains readability, style and flow.


Content That’s Shareable


Today, with the advent of social media, people rely on content for numerous purposes including information, news and entertainment. If any content piece appeals to them, they are more likely to share it on social media platforms. Viral content is a highly valuable and decisive factor which facilitates a hyper-growth approach of any brand. Deriving this value is a challenge for writers since every brand has a different parameter.


Writer’s Feat

To achieve this feat, content writers successfully read the thin line that divides the value across brands. They curate content that’s helpful, informative, entertaining, shareable and above all calls for an action. Call to action is a simple directive that influences customers to further engage with the brand (usually a transaction) after reading the content – this is where content writers subtly make the transition without making it obvious.


To Sum It Up!

Valuable content helps build a powerful online presence and writers are the cog around which the brand, audience and internet revolve. The art of understanding the brands’ story and serving it in a crystal-clear platter of words that matches the taste of the audience is what makes content writers the invincible warriors.

“Without strategy, content is just stuff and the world has enough stuff”– Arjun Basu