Everything You Need to Know About SEO and Content Optimization

Published Date: October 1, 2018
Everything You Need to Know About SEO and Content Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a route to get your website at the top of any search engine. SEO flourishes and ends with the quality of the content. To execute a great optimization strategy, every major SEO agency first implements a proper content strategy.

What Is Content and Its SEO Value?

Heidi Cohen, a well-known marketer, defines content as a useful and high-quality information that conveys any story in a way that is pertinent to the goal to solicit an emotional engagement with readers. Content delivery can in any format which includes videos, audio, text, or presentations.

Now that you have an idea about what is content, it is time to learn about its importance in SEO.

Every day more than 3.5 billion searches are processed on Google. The main work of Google is to provide useful and relevant results to the queries of its users. With time, the algorithms used by Google to find these results are changing. The pieces of content available are ranked in the order of their usefulness to the person searching for them. Thus, before optimizing the ranking of content, you need to make sure that the content provides value to the customers. If not, there is no point in optimizing it; and if it provides value optimizing, it can lead to fruitful results.

Importance of Content Optimization

The answer to this is simple; without optimization, your content will not rank. Optimization involves technical aspects like Title, Meta descriptions, Header tag and URL etc. Once you know what your audience wants, the next move is to create content that can be easily optimized. Follow these steps to create high-quality and SEO-friendly content.

  • Perform adequate keyword research and determine a good title
  • Develop a good outline for better readability
  • Include citation in the content
  • Use your targeted keyword with density 3%

Optimizing content during creation is achieved by ensuring that your content is entirely audience-centric not content centric.

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It means that while creating content, you must write what the audience wants to read not the information you wish to provide them.

What to Do After the Content Creation is Complete?

Optimize the Page Title – When a user searches for something on any of the search engines like Google, the title tag is the first clickable element that they see on the search result page. The highlighted section in the below image is the title tag.

Title Optimization

Optimize Meta Description- When a user performs a search, a small snippet of text just below the title and URL appears. This is called meta description. A good meta description helps in increasing the page’s CTR (click through rate). Also, the CTR can indirectly affect the website’s ranking. The highlighted section in the below image is the meta description.

Meta Optimization

Optimize Your URL – The URLs structure is an important part of SEO and also plays a direct impact on the ranking of the page. The URL also defines whether the user will click on the content or not. A well-crafted URL provides both users and search engines an easy-to-understand indication of what the destination page will be about. Below are a few examples of user-friendly URLs.

URLs Optimization

Optimization is essential because, without it, your content will be amongst million others that are available online and making no point whatsoever. Follow these steps and you can easily get your content on top of the search engines. Remember, optimized content will increase your visibility online.

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