SEO that works

SEO that works

Are you jumping from one agency to another looking for an SEO plan that actually delivers your business goals? The buck stops here, at AdLift.

At AdLift, we don’t focus on keywords alone. We focus on the big picture: bettering your page authority on search engines. This means directing more of the right kind of traffic to your site. In a nutshell? Not just more visits, but visits that convert.

Telling great Stories at Scale

Telling great Stories at Scale

As the leading Content Lift Platform, we believe truly good content should not just be relevant to your audience, but scalable and adaptable to your expanding business needs. Use us to increase brand confidence, catapult domain authority and increase SEO traffic efficiently and effectively. Create lifelong customers through consistently great experiences.



of 10K Keywords ranking in Top 10

Barnes & Noble


Y/Y Increase in SEO Traffic



Y/Y Increase in SEO Traffic



Y/Y Increase in Non-Brand SEO Traffic



Increase in # of Keywords Ranking in Top 10



Y/Y Increase on SEO traffic



Y/Y Increase in SEO traffic

Schneider Electric


URLs managed and optimized enterprise SEO across Global

Client Speak

Kaushik Patel

Demand Generation, ThoughtSpot.

Vice President

We’ve been working with AdLift for 3 years and it’s been nothing short of fantastic! We’ve grown 165% with new unique users growing upwards of 250%. In addition, they have played a significant role in evangelizing the importance of SEO across the organization

Kaushik Patel, VP, Demand Generation, Thoughtspot

Dennis Mink


VP Marketing

We increased our non-brand SEO traffic by 6X YoY, AdLift far exceeded our expectations.

Dennis Mink, VP Marketing, Appoxee

Nandita Ghosh


Head of Online Marketing and Demand Generation

AdLift’s understanding of technical SEO and content marketing clearly differentiates them from the myriad of other SEO/SEM agencies. Their data driven approach to SEO just downright works

Nandita Ghosh, Blue Jeans

Tommy Griffith


SEO Manager

We signed AdLift about a year and a half ago for PayPal and couldn't have been more happy. Super responsive, got a lot of great work done, and they were incredibly helpful for us. AdLift was also able to create super comprehensive reports on our KPIs to our marketing VP with really fast turnaround time. We increased traffic substantially with them.

Tommy Griffith, PayPal

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CEO Speaks

Prashant Puri

CEO and Co-founder


Prashant Puri, CEO and Co-founder, is a veteran speaker invited to international and national conferences. He has been wowing audiences with keen industry insights and killer case studies since before digital marketing was cool! Here’s a glimpse into some of his speaking engagements spanning over a decade.

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