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The AdLift SEO Toolbox

Introducing the AdLift free SEO tools list! Your single destination for free SEO tools needed to go the extra mile in optimizing your website's visibility. Our meticulously curated SEO tools list is exactly what you need to hone your SEO strategy and give you that razor-sharp edge.
From Keyword research to XML Sitemap generator to Article rewriter tap into our arsenal of over 19 tools to ace your SEO game.

Rewrite articles like a pro without compromising on quality.
Scan your text for duplicate content across the internet to ensure originality of content.
Generate concise and compelling meta descriptions that are engaging, relevant, and optimized for search engines.
Analyze and optimize meta tags for your webpage to increase your website's visibility on search engines.
Perfect solution for tracking the ranking of your website's keywords in SERPs.
An easy-to-use tool to create and manage your website's robots.txt file.
An easy and effective tool to create a sitemap for your website.
Analyze your website's backlink profile by identifying and reporting the number and quality of incoming links.
Monitor your rank, analyze trends, and outperform competitors in search results.
Unlock Your Writing Potential with AdLift's Word Counter – Precision, Speed, and Versatility at Your Fingertips!
Get your IP address, location, and online security with AdLift’s user-friendly My IP Checker tool.
Analyze the keyword density of your website and get insights into keyword optimization to ensure content is not over-optimized.
Protect your website and links with AdLift's free, user-friendly Malware Checker Tool. Ensure online safety today!
Check domain age with a free tool - 100% free! Discover a domain's age easily.
Check the status of HTTP redirects, identify and fix redirect issues that impact user experience and search engine rankings.
Measure the popularity and authority of your website based on the number and quality of links.
Check the availability and response time of your website's server, ensuring it is up and running properly.
Determine the size of a webpage and its individual elements that may impact loading speed and user experience.
Instantly identify online threats with AdLift's Suspicious Link Checker Tool. Stay secure while browsing!
Capture, customize, and share high-quality website snapshots effortlessly with our Website Screenshot Generator.
Explore, analyze, and learn from web code effortlessly with AdLift's Source Code Viewer.
Enter your website’s URL to get accurate and up-to-date information about your website's indexing status on Google.
Measure and analyze your website's page speed to ensure improved user experience and search engine rankings.
Code to Text Ratio Checker. Optimize website performance and climb search ranks effortlessly!
Check the cached version of your website to see if it is being properly indexed by Google.
Scan website for broken or dead links, identify URLs that don’t exist or return error messages to maintain a smooth UX and SEO health.
Assistance in finding relevant keywords and phrases related to a specific topic or industry.
Get a comprehensive analysis of your website's domain authority with valuable insights into your online presence.
Maximize SEO impact with our instant Page Authority Checker Tool.

Our comprehensive keyword search SEO tool allows you to explore a vast database and discover the most relevant keywords for your niche. Leverage the power of the right keywords and drive targeted organic traffic to your website to attract potential customers.
Not just limited to keyword searches, we have a trove of some of the best SEO tools for content creation.
We understand the crucial role of high-quality content that engages your audience and drives organic traffic. Our efficient article rewriter tool takes the hassle out of content creation by providing a convenient way to rewrite and optimize your existing content. With a few clicks, generate unique versions of your articles, ensuring they are fresh, original, and search engine friendly.
With a user-friendly interface, our digital marketing tools are simple and efficient. So, go on and explore the world of AdLift�s digital marketing tools to amplify your online presence. Tap into the power of our free SEO tools today to elevate your website's rankings, increase organic traffic, and ultimately achieve your SEO goals. Your journey to online success begins here!

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