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Content Focused SEO: Data-Driven Strategies to Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Costs

With digital marketing spends soaring, there's now an even bigger need for reducing costs per customer acquisition. On average, a brand can reduce its acquisition costs by 55% if they drive significant traffic and transactions via organic search and great content marketing. In this session, AdLift CEO and Co-Founder Prashant Puri will provide you with tactics to implement a robust, data-driven content and SEO strategy that drives ROI.

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After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Reduce your overall customer acquisition costs
  • Create compelling content that your buyers consume, using tools such as: SEMRush, aHrefs, Also Asked.
  • Synergize efforts between paid search and SEO, dive deeper into your paid search data and analyze keywords that covert, making sure those are part of your SEO strategy.
  • Analyze Google Search Console keywords to drive CTR for high converting keywords.
  • Target products/keywords that are high revenue drivers for your website.

Client Speak

Lomit Patel


Chief Marketing and Growth Officer

We've seen a huge improvement in our SEO since working with AdLift, the biggest impact we've seen is by following the road map and the plan that they've come up with within the first four months, SEO traffic increased over 50% and it's continued to increase month, over month beyond that

Kaushik Patel

Demand Generation, ThoughtSpot.

Vice President

We’ve been working with AdLift for 3 years and it’s been nothing short of fantastic! We’ve grown 165% with new unique users growing upwards of 250%. In addition, they have played a significant role in evangelizing the importance of SEO across the organization

Kaushik Patel, VP, Demand Generation, Thoughtspot

Dennis Mink


VP Marketing

It was just Prashant and I sitting down and looking at the data and saying, let's try this, let's try that. And I think that we finally cracked the nut on that one. It's that that sort of partnership with AdLift from my experience is the reason why I continue to come back with them. Prashant will always be there, he'll get involved. And I find that I found that over the years to be incredibly helpful and one of the reasons why we've had so much success, I've had so much success working with them.

Nandita Ghosh


Head of Online Marketing and Demand Generation

AdLift’s understanding of technical SEO and content marketing clearly differentiates them from the myriad of other SEO/SEM agencies. Their data driven approach to SEO just downright works

Nandita Ghosh, Blue Jeans

Tommy Griffith


SEO Manager

We signed AdLift about a year and a half ago for PayPal and couldn't have been more happy. Super responsive, got a lot of great work done, and they were incredibly helpful for us. AdLift was also able to create super comprehensive reports on our KPIs to our marketing VP with really fast turnaround time. We increased traffic substantially with them.

Tommy Griffith, PayPal
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