A Detailed Guide on the Types of Google Ads

You must have seen the text ad on the top of a few results page when searching for something on Google. These are known as Google Ads and are the foundation of the Google Search Network.

Google Ads can effectively drive quality traffic to the website when people are looking for products and services offered by your business. But are you aware of the different types of Google Ads? Which one is the most suitable for your business?

Let’s find out in this guide.

What are Google Ads?

Google offers the option of ‘paid advertisements’ that appear in search results on google.com. This happens with the use of advertisements or Google Ads that appear on websites through Google’s Adsense program and the Display Network.

Now you must be wondering why these Ads appear here in the first place. This is because advertisers select a list of keywords to target the products and services. They can bid on the keywords, selecting how much they can pay for a Google user to click on that ad.

The bid, along with a quality score assigned by Google based on the quality of the ad, determines the ad that will appear on Google.

Besides, the cost of Google AdWords campaign types is calculated based on several factors, including geographic location, the competitiveness of the keywords, quality of advertisements, etc.

Do Google Ads Really Work?

Google Ads can be beneficial for all types of businesses, big or small. No doubt, Google Ads is an affordable type of advertising that targets qualified, in-market prospects.

  • For Google Ads to work, it is important to understand paid search, keyword research, bidding strategies, etc.
  • Analyze what you can spend on every Google AdWords campaign type
  • Indulge in keyword research and bid on exact keywords at higher bids
  • Make sure that the ads are relevant and compelling enough for the viewers to click
  • Optimize the landing pages through A/B testing
  • Try the art of remarketing

What are the Benefits of Google Ads?

There are many advantages of using Google Ads in your marketing strategy.

  • Helps increase leads and customers
  • Works as a flexible marketing platform
  • Provides a high return on investment
  • Ads tap into massive and high-quality traffic sources

Still worried if Google AdWords is worth your money? In that case, you can always start small and adjust based on the results of ad campaigns.

Types of Google Ads

If you’re planning to maximize your marketing efforts, it is important to choose the right type of google ad.

Standard Text Ads 

Initially, Standard Text Ads used to be basic with a strict character limit. Plus, there was not much room for creativity and the inclusion of keywords for a higher ranking.

A few years ago, Google expanded these into something called expanded text Ads (ETAs).

These Ads allow the use of up to three headlines and two descriptions. Besides, ETAs also have room for ‘extensions’ that allow adding other things, such as phone numbers and links to different website pages. ETAs are tried and tested paid search tactics that all businesses should consider.

Responsive Research Ads  

If we must define Responsive Research Ads, we’d say they are ETAs on steroids!

Responsive Research Ads offer an additional option for headlines and descriptions. Marketers can use up to 14 headlines and 5 descriptions, leading to greater reach. Then, Google will try distinct combinations of the headlines and descriptions until it finds the most effective one that would reach a larger part of the audience.

One disadvantage with this type of ad is that every headline must work well with others and should deliver a clear message, irrespective of the order.

Dynamic Search Ads  

Dynamic Search Ads are great for capturing the ‘who would have thought’ traffic!

These Adscan capture unique searches, which can lead to expansion opportunities. They appear based on the content of their website. Google crawls through your website and matches the search terms related to your content.

However, this means that you have little control over the message delivered by your Ads as Google tries to keep the content relevant to your pages.

Image Ads

When it comes to Google AdWords campaign types, marketers have many options. One such option is Image Ads. As the name suggests, Google Image Ads incorporate images. These Ads appear on the Google Ads network – Display Network and Search Network.

Besides, Image Ads can be interactive graphics or static and are best for brand awareness campaigns. They can also offer better results as images are more attention-grabbing when compared to text.

Video Ads

Video Ads are a recent concept that allows advertising products and services through videos. Plus, videos offer a more engaging experience to the users. These also reach customers on Google partner sites like YouTube.

Types of Google Ads

The trick with video Ads is to make them seem compelling and relevant. If the ad does not meet this criterion, it can annoy or frustrate the user rather than spiking interest.

Product Shopping Ads

Viewing Google Shopping Ads is an everyday thing for users who love shopping. These appear on the search query for products in Google.

Product Shopping Ads show items for sale with the title, image, and product price. They also provide a link to the store. These Ads appear on Google Images, Shopping, search partner websites and on top of search engine result pages.

Bottom Line

Needless to say, Google Ads is among the most effective ways of paid advertising. It allows your business to reach every individual who uses Google to find relevant information and quality products and services.

But if you do not have much knowledge of Google Ads, it is best to hire an expert. Not only do they have a deeper understanding and knowledge, but they also provide a fresh perspective. AdLift is a premium digital marketing agency.We help businesses manage ad campaigns more effectively and efficiently.

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