Driving Google+ and Social Media Results Via Paid Campaigns – Ian Lopuch

Published Date: December 3, 2013
Driving Google+ and Social Media Results Via Paid Campaigns – Ian Lopuch

Today’s entry is a guest post from Ian Lopuch, digital marketing executive, educator, and blogger. You can follow Ian via his blog, PPCIan.com.

I’m back, thanks AdLift team for the opportunity to share another guest post! In my last guest post, I featured SEO Tips From A PPC Pro, discussing ways in which SEO and PPC professionals can collaborate. I’m a huge fan of approaching digital marketing as a team sport. The best programs are built upon true teamwork. Today, I wanted to continue upon that theme, specifically focused around Google+ and social media.

Google+ has received a lot of press this past year. Some believe Google+ is one of the most important factors in one’s SEO ranking, while others believe that is not the case. Regardless of your personal stance, we can probably all agree that Google+ (and social media in general) is here to stay and can have a large, positive impact on one’s SEO and overall marketing program.

Today, I wanted to share some clever ways in which you, the SEO professional, can collaborate with your paid search team to drive increased success on Google+ (and social media in general). In turn, these efforts should lift all marketing efforts (including organic search).

Tip 1: Leverage Social Extensions In AdWords

Does your company run paid search? If so, you’re probably familiar with the concept of “ad extensions”. Ad extensions, in short, are a clever way to customize and make your ad copy more appealing. You’ve probably seen those cool sub-links under top-ranking paid ads. Those are called sitelinks, and are perhaps the most popular ad extension. Did you know, Google AdWords also offers social extensions, where you can promote your Google+ page? Check out the screenshot below, an ad from TD Ameritrade…


Ad Copyright TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade has 634 followers on Google+. Not only does this ad extension draw attention to the paid search ad (lending credibility and increasing CTR), but it also offers a link to TD Ameritrade’s Google+ page when you hover over “TD Ameritrade” within the social extension.

My recommendation: Collaborate with your paid search team and get Google+ Social Extensions live within your paid search. Over time, this program is bound to help your paid search while also increasing the reach of you Google+ presence (which will boost your SEO over the long term). Social extensions do not simply appear, you must first build a world-class Google+ page and gain at least 100 followers. Put in the time and dedication, in collaboration with your PPC and Social Media teams, and the long-term results will be huge.

Tip 2: Run Retargeting With Google+ Social Media In Mind

Does your company participate in retargeting (typically run by those who manage paid search)? I’m talking about those clever display network ads that capture those customers who shopped at you site but left before completing their purchase. Most of the time, retargeting is all about driving customers back to your website, and offering discounts/specials to give them a reason to buy from you. However, what about those who have completed their purchase?

The idea: Create a special retargeting list for those who recently purchased from you. Deliver creative that asks them for the favor of following you on Google+ (or liking you on Facebook). Drive social engagement with your core audience of excited customers. There is no better social advocate than those who recently purchased and had a great experience. The benefits of this activity span many marketing channels, and will definitely lead to long-term success in organic search. The challenge: This activity requires budget and may not lead to immediate incremental sales. Make sure to carve out a special, separate budget for such activities in partnership with your paid media team.

Tip 3: Run Custom Audiences On Facebook To Drive Google+ Activity

Have you heard of Facebook custom audiences? This cool Facebook program allows you to target on Facebook based on email address. Many paid media advertisers leverage this functionality to retarget and follow-up on leads. The concept: Someone enters their email on your site but does not purchase. Leverage custom audiences on Facebook to target this individual with a customized offer. However, this technology can also be leveraged for other purposes.

Let’s say someone recently converted. In addition to “Tip 2” above, why not also target them on Facebook via custom audiences, asking them to follow you on Google+? Again, those who recently purchased are some of your greatest fans. Strike while the iron is hot, grow your Google+ following via paid media, and implicitly lift your social and organic programs.

I hope these tips help, enjoy the process. Google+ is so much fun, and could not be more important to your overall marketing program.

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