Content is king

Do you want to learn about search engine optimization? Do you have specific questions? If you do, you may have trouble not only finding the answers, but finding the right answers. It has been said that the internet can be like the bathroom wall, where anyone can post anything. In an industry that isn't so black and white, one where community information is often utilized, it is undoubtedly important that we know our sources are accurate, reliable and ahead of the curve. These are my personal favorite sources for digital marketing information, in no particular order.1. Search Engine Watch You can find just about all you need. Founded by Danny Sullivan, a leading digital marketing mind, this can be a great source for anything you need within the search field.2. Search Engine Land This site also covers all aspects of search, and it has a very useful "How to" section for those looking for something a little more instructional.3. Moz Another great site which also includes various tools that most digital marketers use. The blog and the community and definitely worth mentioning. Here, users will post and answer to questions not found on standard blog posts.4. Search Engine Journal Another great community source, covering everything from beginner to advanced aspects of internet marketing. You can find some posts on here by our very own Prashant Puri.5. Forums (Webmaster World and Hacker News) Many of the questions that experienced digital marketers have, are often more complex and specific than what can be found in many sources. This is where forums come in to place. Hacker News for example has many forums posted by experienced search professionals, and even Matt Cutts himself frequently posts to many topics.These are sources used by many in our industry, not just me. Typically, when you search for a specific question, these are the sites that populate, but don't forget to do some site specific searches for advanced questions on the forums mentioned above.