Twitter Roundup: August Voices in SEM

Ah, search engine marketing (SEM), the less handsome, but more faceted older brother to organic search engine optimization (SEO). Search marketing is defined as anything involving the promotion of websites with the intent to increase search visibility through paid advertising. Tools like Google Adwords or Bing Ads are popular paid services offering pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

But as a whole, the best digital marketing strategies encompass a healthy blend of both paid search engine marketing and organic search engine optimization efforts to bring a narrowly defined, relevant customer base to your site. But as a leading SEO agency, we know firsthand finding that perfect balance isn’t so simple. It can take months upon months of experimentation before you achieve even a semblance of a winning strategy. But you can help yourself by staying up-to-date on any and all things in the SEM industry. Slowly, things will start to make more and more sense.

Here are five informative and influential SEM Twitter accounts that can help speed the learning curve along:

Search Engine Land – 325k followers

As the name may suggest, Search Engine Land is a daily news site covering all angles of SEM, such as SEO, PPC and any Google or Bing updates. Tweeting their own insightful content each day, they also conduct interviews and host guest blog articles from leading search experts from around the globe. In fact, our own CEO, Prashant Puri was just on earlier this year, talking technical SEO on the Marketing Nerds Podcast.

AdLift Voices in SEM - Search Engine Land

Frederick Vallaeys – 5.4k followers

Frederick Vallaeys holds the invisible shiny award of being one of Google’s first 500 employees, and an even shinier, more tangible award for helping build AdWords from the ground up while teaching advertisers how to best utilize the platform. After founding the AdWords tool company Optmyzr, he taken his knowledge on the road to inspire individual marketers and organizations alike to become more innovative in their practices. Vallaeys tweets about the latest Google micro-updates, PPC ad optimization, CPC strategy, local SEO, AdWords data and whatever else is floating his boat.

AdLift Voices in SEM - Frederick Vallaeys

SEMrush – 26.3k followers

SEMrush offers paid SEO tools to give marketers the information they need to make better decisions regarding their own or their clients’ online marketing. Follow their Twitter account and you’ll have access to the oodles of content they produce (including podcasts) and tweet out every few hours. In addition to their curated content from other notable SEM sources around the web, check out their popular #semrushchat discussions for a melting pot of expert opinions.

AdLift Voices in SEM - SEM Rush

Larry Kim – 97.4k followers

AdLift Voices in SEM - Larry Kim

Larry Kim – CEO of MobileMonkey & Founder and CTO of the PPC online advertising company Wordstream, Kim also contributes frequently for websites like Inc., Search Engine Land, Moz, Hubspot, Small Business Trends, Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Journal about all things PPC marketing, AdWords, content marketing, start-ups and entrepreneurship. His tweets are mostly informative, once in a while humorous, but always worthwhile.

SearchMarketingExpo – 47.9k followers

Search Marketing Expo is one of the marquee search marketing conferences and expos in the world with events in eight different cities worldwide. They cover all the latest trends involving Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon as well as curated search marketing statistics and surveys. As far as marketing conferences go, this is great account to follow to cover your SEM bases.

AdLift Voices in SEM - Search Marketing Expo

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