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Looking to brush up on your understanding of SEO? Be careful, the Internet’s a noisy place. With so many people spewing their opinions everywhere, it can be hard to drown out the sludge. As an SEO agency, we’re fully aware of the disparity in SEO advice out there, which is why we’ve put together a short list of some of the most credible voices in the SEO industry. Separate the pretenders from the gurus by following this knowledge-packed list of personal SEO accounts.

Danny Sullivan - @dannysullivan

Danny SullivanThe Founding Editor of both Marketing Land and Search Engine Land, Danny’s a lover of anything involving SEO, SEM and digital marketing in general. He primarily tweets about the latest trends in the Google, Facebook and Twitter arenas.

Rand Fishkin - @randfish

Rand FishkinPerhaps one of the only search marketing gurus who’s mastered celebrity status, odds are you’re already aware, and following, Rand’s Twitter. But we’d rather be safe than sorry. Keep tabs on major search conferences, technology trends related to search and the occasional mustache pic or two.

Matt Cutts - @mattcutts

Matt CuttsAnother heavy hitter, Matt Cutts may as well be the the eye in the sky when it comes to SEO, or head of webspam at Google—whichever you prefer. Though he’s currently on leave, Matt still tweets about all kinds of stimulating content and whatever else is floating around his mind.

Neil Patel - @neilpatel

Neil PatelA serial entrepreneur with a penchant for blogging, Neil shares compelling content on click-through rates, email conversions, on-page optimization and anything business related.

Aaron Wall - @aaronwall

Aaron WallThe knowledge and wisdom of an industry thought leader combined with the cynicism and dry humor of a pure entertainment account, Aaron tweets about organic search, webmaster news and all sorts of other tidbits that come across his mind.

Barry Schwartz - @rustybrick

Barry SchwartzAn SEO industry veteran and self-proclaimed Search Geek, Barry tweets daily about Google guidelines and updates, the latest search conferences and general SEO news across the industry.

Patrick Coombe - @patrickcoombe

Patrick CoombeFounder of Elite Strategies, Patrick’s a passionate inbound marketer who tweets about digital marketing nuances such as domains, anchor text, back linking, mobile optimization and just about anything else.

Paul Shapiro - @fighto

Paul SchapiroA digital marketer with a programming background, Paul brings a touch of humor and personalization to his tweets about the SEM and SEO sphere. From analytic reports to keen growth hack observations, you’ll want to follow along.What SEO Twitter accounts do you follow to stay on top of the vast world of digital marketing? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.