Tackling Search Spam with Google’s New Report Form

Published Date: June 16, 2023
Tackling Search Spam with Google’s New Report Form

In an effort to improve the overall quality of search results, Google released its new spam report form. This updated spam report form is created to simplify the process of reporting spam and invalid information encountered while using Google search. This new release will ensure that search results are highly relevant and free from spammy content.

What Does the New Report Form Look Like?

If users come across spam content on Google search, they can report it to Google using this form. This updated form allows reporting various types of spam, including paid links, malicious content, low quality etc. This update has significantly broadened the scope of reporting. It gives users the power to report any content they believe is spammy or potentially harmful.

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Here is a screenshot of the form to show you the interface and what the form looks like.

Numerous methods aimed at manipulating rankings seek to undermine the integrity of Google search results and diminish the overall search experience for everyone. These techniques surpass the traditional definition of spam, encompassing websites of extremely poor quality, as well as deceptive and harmful ones that pose a risk to our users. To address these concerns comprehensively, their enhanced form now allows users to report instances of spam, paid links, malicious behaviour, low-quality content, and other issues relating to search quality, all in a single, improved platform.

The New Report Form Allows Bulk Submission

The new form update includes a bulk submission feature that lets users report up to five pages violating Google’s policy in a single report. Previously, users had to submit separate reports for each page, but now they can conveniently report multiple spammy websites all at once.

What Happens After We Submit a Report?

Now that we understand the type of content we can report let’s take a look at the process after a report is submitted. Once a report is submitted, action is taken based on the criticality of the complaint. While urgent matters receive immediate attention, most concerns are typically addressed through Google’s algorithm updates.

According to Google’s John Mueller, the reporting system operates in a specific manner. Since the web is a vast and everchanging space, Google focuses primarily on enhancing the algorithms that generate search results rather than making individual adjustments for specific queries.

However, if you face a significant issue pertaining to poor or harmful content, Mueller suggests utilizing alternative channels, such as the Google Search Central help forums and Google’s publicly accessible social media accounts.

After this new update in Google report form, we can see Google’s commitment to creating a satisfactory user experience. Google’s efforts to offer a streamlined and user-friendly interface have not only made reporting more accessible but have also motivated users to take an active role in preserving the credibility of search results. To better understand Google’s everchanging policies and search algorithms, you can read our latest Google updates blogs here.

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