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Create Content that Connects: Target the Most Searched Topics on YouTube

Published Date: April 1, 2024
Create Content that Connects: Target the Most Searched Topics on YouTube

In 2023, YouTube was the most searched thing on Google. It drove around 2.1 billion traffic every month!

Now imagine how influential and crucial this platform is. If you rank among the top searches on YouTube, you can instantly reach millions of people. But how do you do that? It’s easy to find ranking articles on Google, but when it comes to YouTube, the game gets a bit tricky. It’s a highly competitive platform, and to beat the most searched topics on YouTube, you need to be the most relatable. 

Let’s discuss a few ways that can help you find the trending keywords on YouTube so that you can create content that people love. Additionally, we have also shared a few extra tips to ensure you rank among the trending searches on YouTube. Let’s get started!

How To Target The Most Searched Topics on YouTube

To find the most searchable topic on YouTube, you need to start with the right keywords. Below are some of the most common methods you can use for that: 

  • YouTube Keyword Research Tools
    The best way to get accurate data on the most searched topics on YouTube is to use keyword research tools like TubeBuddy, VidIQ, or Keyword Tool. You can also use Keyword Analytics for YouTube to identify the most searched words relevant to your niche.Along with the search volume, you can also get insights on competition and related keywords. This way, you don’t just find the trending topics but also the ones that your audience will relate to.
  • YouTube’s Autocomplete Function
    Like Google, YouTube has an autocomplete function. You can type the relevant keywords or phrases into the search, and a dropdown menu will appear with the most searched topics on YouTube.Here’s an example:

Just pay attention to these suggestions as they only show topics that users are actively searching for on the platform. If these topics relate to your niche, then start creating content around them. 

  • Research Tab in YouTube Analytics
    If you have ever used YouTube Analytics, you would know that it has a research tab. Now, this tab is another way to find the most searched topics on YouTube. Unlike the other methods we mentioned above, this one is highly focused on your viewers. It shows you what your viewers are searching on YouTube.

Not just this, if you want to go a step further, just click on the audience tab, and you can even see data on metrics like; what your audience watches, channels that your audience watches, top geographies, and so on. 

This may not give you direct information about the most searched topics on YouTube, but it does help you understand your audience a little better. When you get such data, it becomes easy to create relatable content. 

Extra Tips to Create Relatable Content on YouTube

Content creation on YouTube starts with keywords, but it needs a lot of other ingredients to be the perfect dish for your audience. Here are a few extra tips that will make your videos more relatable: 

  • Know Your Audience:
    Before creating content, do thorough research to understand the demographics, interests, and preferences of your target audience. This will tell you what they like and what they wish to see on YouTube.
  • Share Personal Stories:
    People connect with emotions, so open up about your experiences, successes, failures, and lessons learned.
  • Ask for Audience Input:
    To create a sense of community, encourage audience participation by asking questions and soliciting feedback. Replying to comments is also a great way for this.
  • Address Common Pain Points:
    Talk about common common pain points or challenges that people are looking for. Then, offer practical solutions, tips, and advice that resonate with your audience’s experiences.
  • Use Everyday Language:
    Most searched topics on YouTube are often written in a common language. So use the same language so that your audience can easily understand. Avoid jargon or complex terminology. It’ll drive the traffic away.
  • Stay Relevant and Timely:
    Stay updated with current events, trends, and pop culture references that are relevant to your audience.
  • Show Vulnerability and Authenticity:
    Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability or share your imperfections. When you stay authentic, it makes people trust you more.
  • Stay Consistent:
    Consistency is key to building a loyal audience. Stick to a regular upload schedule and maintain a cohesive brand identity across all your content.

Start Creating Content Now

Ready to rock your YouTube game? Use these tips to target the most searched topics on YouTube and create content everyone wants to watch. 

At AdLift, we too have been creating awesome content for social media for years. We’ve got a track record of making brands shine on YouTube. So, if you want a bulletproof strategy to rank among the most searched keywords on YouTube, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team will handle everything from finding the hottest topics to getting your videos to the top of the search results.


“BTS” was the most searched word on YouTube in 2024, with 16,723,304 searches worldwide. Other most searched words on YouTube include “Pewdiepie,” “ASMR,” “Billie Eilish,” “Baby Shark,” and so on.

A perfect balance of both is the best way to rank and stay relevant in a niche. This way, you can get immediate attention through trending topics while ensuring a steady stream of views with evergreen content.

There are multiple ways to measure whether your content is doing well or not. Some of the key metrics are views, watch time, engagement (likes, comments, shares), and subscriber growth. You can use YouTube Analytics to track the performance of your videos and identify trends over time. Based on the insights, adjust your content strategy.

Choose trending topics that align with your brand values, expertise, and audience interests. To make it better, put your unique spin on trending topics by offering a fresh perspective, personal anecdotes, or in-depth analysis that resonates with your audience.

Targeting trending topics can increase your video’s visibility and attract more viewers. Not only this, it also helps you tap into existing audience interest and capitalize on search traffic. Some videos that get watched a lot also have the chance to be featured in YouTube’s recommended and trending sections.




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