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The entertainment capital of the world; Las Vegas is all set to witness the synergy of diverse digital marketing minds, from October 10 to October 13, 2016. Termed as a must attend conference by Forbes, the premier social media marketing, and optimization conference brings together a host of specialists, experts, patrons, entrepreneurs and think tanks, associated with the new media sphere. The three-day mega gathering of the movers and shakers of the digital marketing industry is the most awaited event of the year. It is the ideal new age platform where the key influencers and innovators of the digital media stream come together to brainstorm, discuss and plan new strategies and ideas impacting the world of social media marketing and optimization.History of PubconConceived by CEO and founder of Pubcon Inc, Brett Tabke, the idea of the conference was born in 2000 at a London Pub, bringing together early Web Search Engine Optimizers and Webmasters in a congenial and folksy setup.Tabke has proven his prowess in the computer science industry, for over three decades. The veteran has authored several books on Assembly Language Programming for Western Design. One of his major contributions has been the noted authorship of Karma 128, a leading-edge assembler for the 65816 Microprocessor. This Computer Science expert has been running a bevy of community networking sites since 1984.Pubcon 2016Pubcon Conference aims at building the perfect platform for the interchange of knowledge-based solutions for growing businesses in the social media, internet marketing, and search engine optimization space. It is also an ideal pedestal for networking, and exchanging ideas with experts and innovators in the digital marketing sphere.Let’s have a quick look at this year's 10 best ‘Can’t Miss’ Pubcon Sessions.1) CONFERENCE SESSIONContent, Search and Social Interplay  3pplDate: Wednesday October 12Time: 2:45PM - 3:50PMLocation: Salon GFormat: Standard Conference SessionDescription: A strategy will only be successful if there is a consistent and continuous feedback loop between Search, Social & Content. Social media’s key need is content and the key distribution channel for content is social. The critical role of content is to improve search rankings. It is imperative to plan, execute and distribute them together. For example, to leverage a particular keyword, the brand should build content around it. That content can then be shared on social media channels. It is important that the performance of this content be analyzed, and metrics be shared with the content & search teams so that they can revamp their strategies accordinglyKey Take Away: The main agenda behind conducting this session is to highlight, how Search, Content and Social Marketing teams can work together to develop comprehensive strategies and communication plans, to target the right consumer base at the right time.Moderator:   This session will be moderated by Rachel MeyerDirector, Digital Marketing, Medical Marketing Solutions, Scottsdale, Arizona since 2011. To know more about Rachel’s and her areas of interest, follow her on The panel consists of– Prashant Puri, Co-Founder AdLift Marketing,Maggie Malek, Head of PR and Social, MMI Agency and Casie Gillette, Director of Online Marketing, Ko Marketing.Follow them on:Prashant: CONFERENCE SESSIONMobile Conversion Optimization and AMP2pplDate: Tuesday October 11Time: 10:10AM - 11:20AMLocation: Salon GFormat: Standard Conference SessionDescription: Mobile strategies from the standpoint of conversion rates are very crucial at current times. This session will look at maximizing mobile conversions in three parts:1) Mobile lead-generation and how advertisers can use pay-per-call marketing to improve mobile conversion optimization2) Scoring more mobile conversions by providing comfortable, creative, and practical solutions3) User behavior on mobile devices and how marketers can tune their strategies to capture and leverage user intent.Key Take Away:  Tips & Tricks to develop and implement Mobile Marketing Strategies, that will help tap into the mobile audiences better.Moderator:  This session will be moderated by Kristopher Jones. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and investor. Kris is the founder of a leading SEO firm, and is the Managing Partner of KBJ Capital, an early stage technology angel investment fund. To know more about Kris and his areas of interest, follow him on The panel consists of– Lauren Polinsky, Associate Director, Merkel and Scott Hendison, CEO & President, Search Commander.Lauren:  3) CONFERENCE SESSIONOmni-Channel Digital Marketing Strategy and Execution2ppl-2Date:  Wednesday, October 12Time:  10:30AM 11:35AMLocation: Salon CFormat:  Standard Conference SessionDescription:  This session is aimed at understanding the importance of a broader marketing strategy than just plain SEO. Omni-Channel Search (or Holistic Search) is an approach that utilizes not only SEO but also a variety of other online channels in conjunction. Omni-channel is a cross-channel business model that companies use to increase customer experience. The approach has verticals in healthcare, government, financial services, retail and telecommunication industries, including channels such as physical locations, FAQ webpages, social media, live web chats, mobile applications, and telephone communication. In the other half of this session, Dave Roth will look to develop effective Omni- Chanel strategies.Key Take Away: Tips, examples, and training on ideation and implementation of Omni- Chanel Strategies.Moderator: This session will be moderated by Allison McGuire, Director of Marketing, Paper Mart. She is a Marketing & Ecommerce Expert. She has an accomplished history of building online marketing and e-commerce programs. To know more about Allison and her areas of interest, follow her on The panel consists of – Rhea Drysdale, CEO, Outspoken Media and Dave Roth, CEO, Emergent Digital.Follow them on  Rhea: CONFERENCE SESSIONMobile is the New Local2ppl-3Date:  Tuesday, October 11Time:  4:20PM - 05:30PMLocation: Salon CFormat:  Standard Conference SessionDescription:  Mobile phones garner a large online traffic. In 2015, it surpassed desktop for Google searches worldwide. It is extremely crucial for businesses to know, understand and tap into the consumers coming through mobile devices and convert them into their potential clientele.Key Take Away: Training on Behavioral differences between desktop and mobile device users. Key marketing trends this year. Tips and ideas for delivering exceptional local mobile device experiences.Moderator: This session will be moderated by Kevin Lee, CEO, He is the founding CEO of and To know more about Kevin and his areas of interest, follow him on The panel consists of – Bernadette Coleman, CEO, Advice Local and Purna Virji, Senior PPC Training Manager, Bing Ads, MicrosoftFollow them on:Bernadette: CONFERENCE SESSIONContent Marketing 2016: Trends and Hot Topics   2ppl-4Date:  Wednesday October 12Time: 11:40AM - 12:45PMLocation: Salon GFormat:  Standard Conference SessionDescription: Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies available today. It is the modus operandi for modern digital marketers, but doing it right is no easy task. It is essential to curate content that is engaging for the readers, has less bounce rate and has a high return of user value.Key Take Away: This session will review content strategies that worked effectively in 2015, training and advise on how to curate interesting, informative & engaging content and become a contributor of unique, yet relevant, topics for your industry and for the readers.Moderator: This session will be moderated by Loren Baker, VP of Business Development, Foundation Digital. Loren has been involved in SEO, content marketing and paid media since 1998 and over the past decade has built & executed Search & Social strategies for leading companies in car insurance, retail shopping, professional sports and the movie & television industry. Loren also is the founder of Search Engine Journal and has been featured on CNN, ZDNet, PRWeek, Mashable, and AdAge.  To know more about his areas of interest, follow him on The panel consists of – Dave Rohrer, Founder, North Side Metrics and Matt Siltala, President, Avalaunch MediaFollow them onDave: 6) CONFERENCE SESSIONMarketing to Millennials: Snapchat – Reddit – EtalDate:  Wednesday, October 12Time: 2:45Pm - 3:50PMLocation: Salon IFormat:  Standard Conference SessionDescription:  The session will kick off with tips on marketing to Millennials through social media and paid channels. This will be followed by an in-depth understanding of how businesses can attain success via social media using Reddit. Each social media site has its strategies for success. This session will elaborate everything you need to know to submit content effectively to Reddit. This will involve everything from picking the right audience, understanding the rules, to crafting the right title and monitoring the campaign for success. These strategies can be tailored to other social sites.Key Take Away: Understanding Reddit as a medium for attaining success for businesses, by using the best techniques and ideas.Moderator:  This session will be moderated by Aleyda Solis, International SEO Consultant & Founder, Orainti. She is an International SEO Consultant -a service that she provides through her company Orainti, a blogger (Search Engine Land, State of Digital and Moz) and speaker (with more than 60 conferences in 13 countries in English and Spanish). Included in Forbes list of 10 Digital Marketing specialists to follow in 2015, she has more than eight years of experience doing Search Engine Optimization for European, American, and Latin-American companies. To know more about her areas of interest, follow her on  The panel consists of - Brent Csutoras, Founder & CEOPixel Road Designs, Allison McGuire, Director of Marketing, Paper Mart and Mana Ionescu, President, Lightspan DigitalFollow them on:Brent - - - 7) CONFERENCE SESSIONE-commerce Campaigns that Drive Conversions and Profit ethanDate:  Thursday October 13Time:  2:20Pm - 3:25PMLocation: As you can see the formatting is not the same as the doc Salon BFormat: Standard Conference SessionDescription: In order to drive E-commerce revenue effectively, it is extremely important to segment e-mails properly. A huge number of e-mails are sent out on a daily basis. It is critical to know and understand, how to reach the right target audience. This can only be, effectively achieved by proper segmentation of e-mails on the basis of location, customer behaviors or customer lifetime value.Key Take Away:  This session will be an in-depth training on how eTailers are driving revenue and building customer loyalty from their sites with tactics like automated email welcome series, win-back campaigns, and abandoned shopping cart programs.Moderator:  This session will be moderated by John Busby, SVP, Marchex Institute (Analytics), Marchex. John Busby leads the Marchex Institute, analytics and research group that publishes findings on mobile advertising and the growing digital advertising industry. To know more about his interests, follow him on  The panel consists of -  Ethan Giffin, CEO & Founder, GrooveFollow him at:Ethan - CONFERENCE SESSIONData Driven Marketing2ppl-5Date:  Thursday October 13Time:   2:20PM - 3:25PMLocation: Salon CFormat: Standard Conference SessionDescription:Arguably, the most important evolution in the history of marketing is the ability to understand what data you have, what data you can get, how to organize and, ultimately, how to activate the data," says Mark Flaharty, executive vice president of advertising at SundaySky, a tech vendor leveraging customer data to create and deliver one-to-one marketing videos. The data may be secondary, for example, tracking online social interactions, web browsing behavior, online search behavior, or primary such as data collected directly by surveying consumers. With the advent of online consumer panels and resources such as Amazon Mechanical Turk and online survey design tools, such as Survey Monkey and Qualtrics, companies can collect input from hundreds or thousands of consumers within hours and with a very limited budget.Key Take Away:  Tips and key points on the use of Data Visualization to find actionable insights.Moderator:  This session will be moderated by Kendall Bird, Associate Social Media Manager, Collegis Education, an integrated technology company that focuses on assisting educational institutions through technology and analytics. To know more about her interests, follow her on  The panel consists of - Ryan Jones, Manager - Search Strategy & Analytics, SapientNitro, and Erin Robbins O'Brien, President, GinzaMetricsFollow them on:Ryan: 9) CONFERENCE SESSIONAcquiring Enterprise Level Talent3ppl-2Date:  Thursday October 13Time: 2:20PM - 3:25PMLocation: Salon GFormat:  Standard Conference SessionDescription: Organizations will now have the ability to further increase employee recruitment, development, and business execution by implementing a comprehensive social and traditional learning strategy that includes evangelizing internal experts, utilizing easy-to-use video creation and sharing tools, as well as using online training platforms.Key Take Away:  Hands on learning from three experienced enterprise SEOs on what skills are necessary to target when looking to fill a key SEO role in your organization. Find out how to balance SEO skills, working with others skills and the importance of cultural fit. This session will also help SEO solo practitioners who are looking to position themselves for an enterprise role in the future.Moderator:  This session will be moderated by Dave Rohrer, Founder, North Side Metrics. In 2000, Dave Rohrer got his start as a ColdFusion developer. He has also worked on various ColdFusion projects for the likes of Accenture, Discover Card and Consumer Guide. To know more about his areas of interest, follow him on  The panel consists of -  Bill Hunt, President, Back Azimuth ConsultingAnne Kennedy, President, Outlines Venture Group and Matt Cullen, Director of SEO, EverQuoteFollow them on:Bill: CONFERENCE SESSIONKeynote: Gary Illyes from GooglegaryDate:  Thursday October 13Time: 09:00AM - 09:55AMLocation: Exhibit HallFormat:  Keynote SpeechDescription:  Current Trends with Google and Online Marketing TipsKey Take Away: What’s new with Google and optimization?Moderator:  This session will be moderated by Joe Laratro, President, Tandem Interactive SpeakersTo know more about him, follow him on The panel consists of -  Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst, GoogleFollow him on:Gary: Las Vegas 2016 is one of the greatest gatherings of search and social media innovators.  Pubcon aims at offering a world class innovative, informative and productive conference at most cost effective rates. Join thousands of leading social media, optimization, and online marketing professionals from around the world at Pubcon Las Vegas 2016. Learn more about the event on Images Source: Pubcon