How to Prepare for Google’s Search-Generative Experience

Published Date: February 7, 2024
How to Prepare for Google’s Search-Generative Experience

Google is changing the search landscape by integrating AI in its search. This move has been primarily made to give people a better search experience and help them with what they’re looking for more effectively. Currently, in the testing phase, Google has introduced the Search Generative Experience (SGE) along with other AI advancements to make interacting with AI more natural.

What is SGE?

SGE has been designed to favour content that follows Google E-E-A-T principles- Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Google also prioritises content that has experiential depth and is authoritative.

It helps users understand complex topics with short summaries or answers that resemble information boxes at the top of search results.  It also provides the links to the original sources so you can do additional research.

Generative AI in Search empowers users to:

  • Pose intricate, detailed questions
  • Quickly grasp the essence of a topic with relevant result links for further exploration
  • Swiftly initiate tasks like drafting or generating imagery directly from the search interface
  • Seamlessly make progress with conversational follow-ups or by exploring suggested next steps.

Suppose someone is searching for information on the healthiest choice between steel and plastic water bottles, typing in a query like “Which water bottle material is better for health: stainless steel or plastic?” The Search Generative Experience wouldn’t just provide search results; it would dynamically generate a comparison between stainless steel and plastic water bottles based on health considerations.

The AI-generated content might include insights from users who have evaluated the health aspects of both materials, along with visuals illustrating the features and potential considerations like durability and recyclability.

Additionally, the AI-driven search experience could offer information on any potential health implications associated with using plastic or stainless-steel bottles, considering factors such as the leaching of chemicals or bacterial growth.

This personalized content generation ensures that the user’s query isn’t answered with generic information but is enriched with contextually relevant and tailored details that directly address their health-related concerns and preferences.

What is SGE going to affect:

  • Keyword rankings
  • Ranking in SGE snippet may become more important than ranking outside it
  • Increase in long tail keywords: Intricate natural language long tail queries are anticipated to influence the conventional methods of measuring MSV
  • Possible decrease in traffic, clicks, conversions

Sources of data and what to optimise:

Google is looking for the best possible answer to user queries. This can be a comment on a forum, snippet from an article or a post on quora or reddit (user generated sites). Content writers need to create content that answers the user’s problems.

  • Visual Content: In the pursuit of providing the best answers to user queries, visual content plays a crucial role. Incorporate engaging images, infographics, and videos into your content strategy. Visual elements not only enhance user experience but also contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the information being conveyed.
  • Blogs and Articles: Crafting blogs and articles requires a strategic approach. Use subheadings to organize content, incorporate long-tail keywords naturally, and employ a conversational tone. This not only caters to search engine algorithms but also ensures that the content resonates effectively with the target audience, addressing their specific concerns.
  • GMB (Google My Business): Optimizing your Google My Business listing is essential for delivering relevant answers. Keep the listing up to date with accurate information, and structure the content to address potential customer queries. This ensures that your business is well-represented on Google, increasing the chances of being featured prominently in search results.
  • Messaging and Chatbot Content: In the era of user-generated content, messaging and chatbot content become vital. Craft messages and chatbot responses that provide valuable information, addressing user problems efficiently. Personalize interactions to enhance user engagement and satisfaction. This dynamic approach not only aligns with Google’s search criteria but also caters to the evolving preferences of online users.
  • Optimise for featured snippets: Focus on concise and informative content. Structure your content in a question-and-answer format, use relevant headers, and provide clear answers. Optimize meta tags, including meta descriptions. Enhance page speed, improve mobile-friendliness, and ensure content aligns with user intent to increase the chances of appearing in featured snippets

Here is a snapshot of the results of a SGE Query:

How to optimize your Content for SGE

  • EEAT: E-E-A-T or Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, is basically your mantra. for online credibility. It emphasizes being an authority in your field, showcasing expertise, and building trust. Upholding these principles enhances your digital presence, establishing a foundation of reliability and competence in the eyes of your audience and search engines.

Source: Moz.com

  • Specificity: Your content needs to be specific – is it answering questions that users are posing? The content needs to give good guidance.
  • Authorship: Who is this person, why are  they an expert in the industry, why are they an expert on this topic. For this, you can create an author page, link to LinkedIn/ Wikipedia other publications and add an author schema.

Author Schema Mark-up

  • Presence Over Positions: Prioritize online visibility instead of focusing solely on rankings. Consider the entire Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and assess how much space your content occupies compared to your ranking position. Take a comprehensive approach by examining the overall picture, including paid, social, and organic channels. Embrace a multi-channel strategy to maximize your online visibility and enhance your overall digital footprint.

Get ready:

To prepare for the SGE rollout, assess your visibility and ownership on the SERP, clearly define industry experts, evaluate your content type and hosting, and set realistic expectations with clients regarding potential shifts in performance. Navigating the evolving landscape of SGE requires a holistic approach that combines technical optimization, strategic content creation, and a keen understanding of user intent. SGE is a continuously evolving technology. Google’s commitment to refinement and enhancement is evident as SGE undergoes ongoing improvements that are based on continuous feedback from users, experts, and human evaluators, ensuring that SGE adapts to changing user behaviors, technological advancements.

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