Missing Out on Potential Leads? Mobile App Marketing Should be Your Target

Published Date: September 25, 2018
Missing Out on Potential Leads? Mobile App Marketing Should be Your Target

Coming up with a brand-new idea for a business app is easy. The tough part is to promote and market it in a way that the app reaches its target audience.

So, if you are looking for a successful app marketing for your newly launched app or wish to upgrade the strategy for the existing one, you are at the right place. Follow the procedure below to increase your app downloads on both Android and iOS.

But first, one needs to know their target audience and have a fair idea about how to approach them as well as why they need their services. App store optimization helps the app by –

  1. Making it easily discoverable on the App stores
  2. Increasing the number of app downloads
  3. Increasing the number of app reviews & referrals

Mobile Apps Marketing Strategy: Apps Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimisation is the key to promote & optimize the website in the app store as well as web search so that user can easily find out the app. Below are some key factors which one must implement for app’s better optimisation.

App Title Optimizations

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The title of the app is a critical factor for any app to rank better. The user can easily search & understand the app. App title should be simple, and such that it defines the app functions accurately. Furthermore, the app should also be well optimised with the keywords. One should keep in mind that the app tile should be under 50 characters.

App Store Description Optimization

The description is as important as the app title. One must define every service and benefit that the app offers clearly in the description. A crisp and accurate description aids in increasing the number of app downloads. For better app optimization, the description should be optimized but well, but not stuffed with keywords. Yes, keywords are essential for ranking the app and should be present in the descriptions. Excessive use of keywords in the description, can negatively impact with users as well as the search engines.

A clear description, we can inform the potential users/customers about the usefulness of the app while convincing them to install it. However, while creating a description for the app, one must optimise the first few lines in a way that it grabs the audience’s attention. Also, bullet points are a great way to highlight the critical features of the app.

App Icon

To define the app name, there is a 12-character limit. The app name displays under the app icon. Yes, the App icon is the first impression on the potential users who are searching endless apps in the app store. So, it should be unique, creative and always updated.

App Icons -AdLift

For iOS, the size parameters given below should be kept in mind:

  • The size of the icon should be 1024×1024 pixels
  • Apple OS size should be 180 X 180 pixels
  • Navigation Icons size should be 66 X 66 pixels
  • Tab bar size should be 75 X 75 pixels

For Android App icons,

  • Google play store apps icon size should be 512 X 512 pixels

Choose the Right Category for Your App

There is nothing more damaging than the app being promoted in the wrong category. To reach the target audience with ease, the app should be updated in the right category. If the app is updated in the wrong category, the target audience might not be able to see it.

Both Google Play Store and Apple Store offer many categories from which one can choose according to their business’s benefits. For example, App Stores offer 25+ categories as well as an option of ‘other category’. So, if the app doesn’t fall in any of the specified categories, one can always opt for the other category.

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App Keyword Optimizations

To optimize the app for any platform, keywords play an important role. Keywords are required for the title, description, term line and more. So, choose the keywords wisely because with the right keywords, the app will start appearing in the search result. One must think like users while conducting the keyword research and think how they will search for an app. However, they must keep in mind that there are limited words (100) in the app platform to insert keywords.

App Screenshots and Videos

The first impression of any app are the screenshots and videos because every app has unique functionality. The demo videos and screenshots define the features of the app. Screenshots should be creatively designed in a way that they attract users to download the app. Screenshots and videos help in increasing app downloads.

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Image Credit: computerhope

App Pricing

It is advised to conduct a thorough market research before finalizing the app price. Why?  Because in this competitive era there are many similar apps in the app stores.

Here are the few pricing options available on the app stores.

  • Free Apps

It always depends on the business and how one wants to promote their business in front of users. Making the app available for free is the best practice if someone is looking at promoting and encouraging customer loyalty. Its help to increase the app download.

  • Paid Apps

If making money is the agenda, then making the app available for a price will help. However, again, it depends on the business motive. Market research plays a critical role while defining the price for the app. Why? Because if many apps are offering similar functionality, it is better to keep the app download cost the same or less. One should always remember, users, focus more on free apps.

Regular App Updates

Users always look for apps that are frequently updated. If the app is not updated regularly, this might affect the number of downloads over a period of time. The app update is a primary ranking factor as regular app changes remind app algorithms that the particular app continually adds new features while attracting more users.

An app update includes many features like –

  • Change/update in the app title
  • Update in the app description
  • Upgrading the app functionality

App Reviews and Rating

Last but of not a least, high quality and authentic reviews and rating create high possibilities of increasing the app’s ranking in the app stores as well as web search results.

Review and ratings play a significant role in engaging the users and often vigour them to download the app. They are also important for the customer’s satisfaction point of view.

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