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Why Quality Content Matters?

Published Date: November 3, 2018
Why Quality Content Matters?

It Is Quality Rather Than Quantity That Matters. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The advent of the internet has changed how businesses market their products to the target customer. The competitive landscape has left no room for mediocre and age-old marketing practices, to say the least. Today, every brand wants an out-of-the-box approach to hit the bull’s eye. Not to mention, they also have an active online presence, and they are utilising it well by making investments in building content marketing programs.

For any business of any industry, creating frequent, insightful and quality content is a necessary and healthy practice. While many brands choose not to invest in content creation, others are riding the digital wave by understanding that content is the bedrock and king of all marketing strategies. Businesses must understand that the benefits of quality content are vast and can effortlessly provide a wealth of new value to the brand.

But before we jump to the reasons why quality content matters, let’s have a look at the red flags of poor-quality content.

  • Use of irrelevant and spammy keywords
  • Copied or plagiarised content
  • Spelling, grammar and typo mistakes
  • Long sentences and never-ending paragraphs
  • Poorly formatted content
  • Irrelevant interlinking
  • Keyword stuffing

Now let’s jump to the reasons why quality content matters and why it should be a part of every brand’s marketing model.

    Quality Content Builds Trust

When a prospective customer first visits any website, the content is the first interaction they have with the brand. It is the content that helps decide whether they will go ahead with the services offered and find a business credible. The first impression should be excellent and if it is backed with content that succinctly and quickly offers key information, nothing better than that.

Quality content helps in effective communication with prospective customers, establish the business’s personality and build the credibility of the brand as well.

Quality Content Positively Builds Your Brand

While keywords play an important role in defining the ranking, quality content acts as the backbone. Any content that is unique, fresh and relevant to the audience offers brands an opportunity to be a step closer to their target audience. Being found in the first five results on the first page of any search engine is the ultimate goal of any brand and quality content helps in its achievement.

Google constantly strives to offer the best results to all the search queries and thus ranks great content higher on SERPs. The higher the search engine results page ranking, the more visitors, conversions and web traffic. So, apart from being unique, engaging and valuable, content should be created for the users and not the search engines.

Quality Content Improves Conversion Rate

It is worth mentioning that quality content helps in converting visitors into customers. If any brand succeeds in creating an excellent first impression, they can easily nurture the visitors in making a purchase. Furthermore, all the content present on the website should solve the purpose of increasing traffic and conversion. Strategising the movement of the visitors on the website is another approach to keep the sales funnel flowing.

Content that is helpful and offers value to the customers makes them follow the brand, opt for its services and market to others as well through social media and other communication channels. Thus, for brands, it becomes important to keep the content quality and effectiveness intact to keep the business afloat.

Quality Content Helps Engage Better with the Audience

Not all visitors turn into customers. By monitoring their behaviour on the website, brands can have a better understanding of how to target them. They can map out their pathway to place strategic CTA buttons for quick conversions. Furthermore, it is critical for a brand’s website to enable social sharing and register readers comments.

Brands must also try and identify patterns with the help of Google Analytics data. Consumers often say a lot through their behaviour on the website without saying even a word.

To understand the audience behaviour well, brands must know:

  • What content pages get the most views?
  • How are people reacting – comments, shares, likes, etc. a page is getting?
  • Where do people tend to spend the most time?
  • From where do people generally leave the website?
  • Which ones get the best responses or the most engagement in comments or on social media?

The Bottom Line

When a brand understands the importance of good content, they take their content from just being informative to insightful. This change in content gives them an edge over their competitors. Quality and engaging content fosters the brand-customer relationship and paves a path for the brand to establish itself. Brands must remember that quality content creation is an ongoing process that will help them meet their business goals. Brands can either create quality content in-house, outsource it to a digital marketing agency or hire freelancers. Either way, the content will have real long-term benefits and the investment will bring back positive results.


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