Avoiding Duplicate Content Penalty

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Duplicate content is one of the most discussed, blogged, and talked about SEO topics – well, after link building, of course. Based on Google’s webmaster guidelines, “Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely matches other content or is appreciably similar. Most of the time when we see this, it’s unintentional, or at least not malicious in origin.” What exactly do “substantive” and “appreciably similar” mean? In my view, two pages can be termed “duplicate” if 30 percent or more of the page elements – title, URL, content – are similar to each other. For example, in the news/blog world, articles are often syndicated across numerous websites. Two types of duplicate content exist: within a domain and cross-domain. Read the complete article at-


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Prashant has over eight years of online marketing experience and is credited for expertly turning numerous sites into multi-million unique visitor sites through a combination of SEO & SEM. Before joining AdLift.com, Prashant was Head of Global Search Marketing for Shopping.com (an eBay Inc. Company) where he was responsible for increasing search traffic across three high-profile websites in five countries. Prior to eBay, Prashant played a role in helping Yahoo! grow to be the largest ad network of its time by leading initiatives to maximize advertisers’ ROI that resulted in partnerships with companies like AT&T and WebMD.com.

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