[INFOGRAPHIC] Google Organic (SEO) Click Through Rate (CTR) Study – 2014

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Here’s our latest study on Organic (SEO) Click Through Rates on Google !

Google CTR Study


Author: prashant

Prashant has over eight years of online marketing experience and is credited for expertly turning numerous sites into multi-million unique visitor sites through a combination of SEO & SEM. Before joining AdLift.com, Prashant was Head of Global Search Marketing for Shopping.com (an eBay Inc. Company) where he was responsible for increasing search traffic across three high-profile websites in five countries. Prior to eBay, Prashant played a role in helping Yahoo! grow to be the largest ad network of its time by leading initiatives to maximize advertisers’ ROI that resulted in partnerships with companies like AT&T and WebMD.com.

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